New trailer for Hot Wheels Pinball

arcadehero June 17, 2020 0
New trailer for Hot Wheels Pinball

First shown at Amusement Expo 2020, Hot Wheels follows Oktoberfest and Houndini as the third product for American Pinball. Due to the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns that took place as soon as that Expo had finished, the game (as did many others) went on hiatus.

With many companies restarting development and production, Hot Wheels is aiming to enjoy a proper launch as units are in production now. To help promote that, American Pinball released this trailer to YouTube:

The game looks similar to what I played at Amusement Expo, with them toning down how often the spinning car….spins. Otherwise, the trailer gives you an idea of what to expect from this one, but you’ll need to play it to make that proper judgement. I found it very easy to approach and enjoy, with satisfying ramp shots and fun multiballs. I suppose that some will not be happy since they don’t have the solid orange tracks, but if you have ramps that block the view of parts of the table, then it would anger more people than how it is.

The game is available to purchase now for locations that are interested and capable of taking on a new machine right now; You can also read up on more of the features on the official website page for it. What do you think about this game from what has been shown (or if you had a chance to play it already)?

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