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arcadehero April 1, 2021 3

UPDATE: This post has been updated with some super-important information. Scroll to read more!

While new game news has been sporadic for the past year or so, developments have continued behind the scenes. We’ve already heard of some exciting developments in the works, such as Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, and today we can throw another title onto the list – yet another game that is well-known from the console world: Untitled Goose Game by House House.

If you haven’t given Untitled Goose Game a try, the premise is simple and funny. You (and a friend) play as a “horrible goose” that loves to get into trouble, snatching items away from people or finding other ways to bug them as only a goose can do. Here’s a trailer of the console version from the main website that also gets the point across visually:

The arcade version takes the general concept and whittles it down into a videmption game that works for the needs of playing for tickets. It also keeps the 2-player aspect intact, although you can play it single player if you want. Here’s the cabinet, which is similar to other videmption pieces like Crossy Road Arcade:

UPDATE: April Fooools! In case you didn’t catch that’s it’s April Fools Day, then yes, we did it again. I bow to Jdevy’s great cabinet art skills, just like he did with Doom Arcade and Super Smash Bros.  He did the cabinet, I did the blog text. Sadly, this is not real…but it seems to me that it could totally work as an arcade piece.

Untitled Goose Game by House House. It's totally real! ;)

As you can see from this image, players control the fun with a joystick, completing the objective to win a certain number of tickets. To get that main objective though, you’ll have to complete other tasks within the time limit. For locations that don’t want to play for tickets, they can set it to amusement mode, where it offers a wider variety of tasks to complete for points.

One other interesting aspect about this one is that it comes with a built-in goose call device, electronically controlled to produce a more realistic goose ‘honk’ than what you’d get digitally. In a way it’s like the old pinball knocker devices, a nice touch that adds a little real-world angle to it that  you only get with the presence of an arcade cabinet.

There is no release date or sales information on this yet, probably as it will take until this summer for most titles to release. We should find out more by then.

What do you think about this from the info released so far?


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  2. Dana Eiler April 1, 2021 at 11:37 am - Reply

    My kids absolutely LOVE this game. What a great thing to port to arcade.

  3. Da Flex April 1, 2021 at 11:47 am - Reply

    This is already available in Germany. You can earn a real goose for tickets here. 😉

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