New Rhythm Game Out Of Korea: DJ Beat

arcadehero May 3, 2021 0
New Rhythm Game Out Of Korea: DJ Beat

[H/T to Kevin Williams for the news]

Touchscreen rhythm arcade games have enjoyed plenty of attention over the past decade and a half, with most titles being found throughout various parts of Asia, with the occasional piece finding it’s way West. Today’s highlight comes to us from a company in South Korea called Moers, where they are giving this subgenre of rhythm gaming a little boost with a piece called DJ Beat. Yes, I am just finding out about this now, as it appears that this game has been on the market since 2018 or so; Not sure how I missed it, but better late than never!

DJ Beat

The cabinet keeps things sleek & simple, sporting a “large touchscreen” interface (doesn’t say exactly how large, but I would guess a 43″ given the cabinet dimensions), and the dual screens allows bystanders to watch the fun. How many songs it comes with is a mystery though, as I can’t really find anything on this game apart from the very brief description on the product page and the video below. That brings me to a tangent – So often in this business, I find that many manufacturers really don’t like to describe these products that they’ve dumped millions of dollars into creating. I’ll never understand why they do that, maybe it’s borne from the old mentality of “if it earns, who cares what it does.” Still, it can’t be that hard to get someone in your company to throw out more than a few short sentences about it, right (unless it’s a crane machine 😛 )?

Anyways, here’s some footage of the game, which reminds me a cross between Beatmania & Tempest, with six notes/buttons on the screen:

Here’s a direct capture video. The gameplay seems “normal” for this kind of game, not doing anything different or unique in the genre:

There is also this video showing the cabinet in 2018 with very different software. No idea if this was the original idea for the game, or if it’s a separate game mode…either way, what it shows is much closer to ReRave than Beatmania:

My guess is that this is one that will probably stick to South Korea, although one might always get lucky and find an export of it somewhere else. What do you think about it?

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