Touch Magix Launching The SpaceWarp 66 Mega Model At Bowl Expo ’21

arcadehero June 21, 2021 0

It’s Bowl Expo week, and due to circumstances this year, that means it’s going to see the debut of some new titles. That generally isn’t the case for this particular expo, although it has become more important to the arcade side of the business as time has marched on.

Among the first games to be announced as debuting at the expo is a new “Mega” version of Touch Magix’s SpaceWarp 66 videmption arcade game. This one can also be set to Bar Mode so it just plays for points. The biggest difference between this and the original model is the size of the screen, which comes in at 65″ instead of 43″. Both models are also sporting the latest software, which includes a new attract mode, gameplay balancing, and more vibrant artwork. This model will also have more of a towering presence than the standard model does, which is the kind of thing that FECs look for:

Per the press release, the game will debut at Bowl Expo 2021, which technically started yesterday with committee meetings, but really gets underway today (on a related note, Benchmark Games also issued a press release today to announce a new VR ticket redemption game that they are launching with Boxblaster, but they didn’t really announce what it is, just that you’d have to go to Bowl Expo to find out).

I checked the floor plan and Touch Magix is not on the list of exhibitors. I did ask if this game might make an appearance there at one of TM’s distributor booths, but no answer on that quite yet. Still, if you are interested in this game, whether the original or the new 65″ model, they are available and shipping now. I’ve also heard through the grapevine that the 43″ was selling for a really good price, although pricing will vary between distributors (a few thousand below $10k is where I heard it was).

Here’s the press release to lay out all the details:

SpaceWarp 66 All-New Cabinets | Press Release

June 21, 2021

TouchMagix launches a mega 65-inch screen version of their hit title SpaceWarp 66

All-new attractive design revamps to both, the 43-inch and 65-inch cabinets, available on display at International Bowl Expo.

The Amusement and Family Entertainment Industry is collectively working towards making the experience grander and better for their patrons. TouchMagix, a manufacturer of new-age redemption games, has come up with massive hardware and design upgrades to its much loved title, SpaceWarp 66.

“With industry operations gaining momentum, we feel that the time is apt for the SpaceWarp 66 experience to become bigger and better. The latest cabinet designs are expected to grab eyeballs”, said Jayesh Kariya, CEO of TouchMagix.

A brand new, massive 65-inch screen size

An upgrade as exciting as the game itself, SpaceWarp 66 is now also available in a 65-inch screen sized cabinet. Dodging your spaceship from dangerous obstacles gets a lot more immersive and fun on the large screen cabinet that TouchMagix has freshly launched.

Bigger & brighter artwork, sound and lighting to both cabinet sizes

A fresh change from their earlier colour palettes, both the 43-inch as well as the new 65-inch cabinets will now come with the following upgrades, all designed to let SpaceWarp 66 take centre stage in an array of arcade games –

  • Bold and bright artwork

  • A new attract video with more exposed screen space

  • An attractive game progress bar

  • New attract music

  • New attract lighting

The new cabinets will be showcased at the upcoming International Bowl Expo on June 23-24, at the Elaut Group booth, #1033. Operators can contact their local distributor or send an email to <support at touchmagix dot com> to enquire about the upgrades cabinet designs. 

About TouchMagix®

TouchMagix is a manufacturer of new-age and never-seen-before coin-operated redemption games in the USA, with a world-class R&D facility in Pune, India. These games are skill-based, highly addictive and have high repeat value leading to proven ROI for operators worldwide. TouchMagix’s latest line-up of arcade games includes: Carnival Cups, SpaceWarp 66, Drift ‘N’ Thrift, Dicey Jump, Hop N Stack and MagixFloor.

TouchMagix also offers a new variety of interactive display solutions like Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall. TouchMagix has also partnered with Brunswick® to introduce Spark® technology, the industrys first immersive and interactive scoring experience, that revolutionises the on-lane projection experience in bowling.


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