Round1USA Puente Hills Hosting Special exA-Arcadia Event Starting Tuesday

arcadehero August 29, 2021 0
Round1USA Puente Hills Hosting Special exA-Arcadia Event Starting Tuesday

We don’t get a lot of news on Sundays, but today gets to be an exception.

Round1USA has built a reputation for bringing a variety of Japanese market-made games to the US. Today, their focus on that continues with the announcement that they will be holding a special exA-Arcadia focused event at their Puente Hills Mall location in California. This will bring sixteen different exA-Arcadia games to the location, found in Vewlix cabinets and exA’s new 4-player upright configuration. The news broke via this tweet:

While the full list of available games hasn’t been announced, given that there are only 18 games that are available for the system at this moment, this means that a majority of the library will be there. UPDATE: exA responded in a tweet to someone about this and stated that the only games not making an appearance will be Kira Kira Star Night and Chaos Code EXA. I can also confirm that Rival Megagun XE will be on hand, which is going to begin shipping out this week. If you are anywhere near this location and have been interested in any of what exA has to offer, then this event is a great way to experience the titles for yourself.

As mentioned earlier this year, the system is available in the US either as a kit or in one of 3 dedicated cabinets. While I am not aware of all the units that are out there, apart from my own and an operator friend in Wisconsin, it’s certainly becoming easier to find after the official US rollout back at Amusement Expo 2021. Just note that I’ve been told that supplies are limited (they are also ending the bundle deals on kits today), mainly due to the component shortage that continues to wreak havoc across various industries.

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