QuickBits: StepManiaX Expands Reach; Chrono Circle Coming To Round1USA

arcadehero December 4, 2021 1

In lieu of a Newsbytes this weekend, I wanted to highlight a few items that came in recently, particularly when it comes to rhythm games.

First, StepManiaX by Step Revolution. The SR team was at IAAPA and the booth seemed plenty popular any time I saw it; They also had no competition from the likes of Pump It Up (the only other rhythm game at the show was Noisz Arc+coda over at the exA-Arcadia booth).

Shortly after IAAPA, Kyle Ward announced on his Facebook page that the growing FEC chain Andretti’s is picking up an SMX for all six of their locations – and future sites as well. I heard from more than one source that Andrettis was aggressively expanding their arcades with new stuff, and there is one other game that should be going to all of their locations soon that was at IAAPA, but that hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Then back to Andamiro – as mentioned, they had no presence for Pump It Up at this show, the first time I’ve seen it missing since I started attending IAAPA. They have another rhythm game out there however by the name of Chrono Circle – something of an “answer” to Sega’s MaiMai. Since it wasn’t at IAAPA, the prospect of it coming to the US fell on Round1USA, which has gained a strong reputation for importing rhythm games and hosting large music game areas in their arcades. That confirmation took place this week, which Toby Na Nakhorn shared with us on Facebook:

Last but not least, thanks to Kieran May for sharing a link to mini-DDR cabs that are now up for sale in the UK. Stay cool!

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