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arcadehero January 31, 2022 0

My second acquisition of the year is now complete, as I recently purchased a SpaceWarp 66 from Touch Magix (purchased through one of the distributors I often use). Here’s the video; If you missed it, I also recently unboxed and installed a Maximum Tune 5DX+ kit:

I forgot to mention in the video that I grabbed the smaller 43″ version instead of the newer 65″ version. They’re the same game, just one is a bit bigger, which affects the price.

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Also, Elaut USA is currently the main point of sales for Touch Magix equipment in the USA these days, in case you hadn’t caught that news.

To help make this post more than just sharing a video link, here are some photos. Also, the reason why I grabbed this is I’ve been interested in it for a while – not for the redemption side but for the Amusement Mode. It’s a kind of “easy to learn, difficult to master” game, but also pretty approachable by casual customers. While I have a lot of “hardcore” games at my arcades, it doesn’t hurt to have something on the softer end either. This isn’t the first videmption game I’ve bought that I set to Amusement Mode – I did so with Bandai Namco’s Galaga Assault too, and that was a solid buy.

The only thing that holds these games back is that they are single player (which did make me hesitant to jump onto this), but at least both this and Galaga were about the same price. I also didn’t have to wait several months to get this – just about a month and a half, which is pretty good right now. I’ve been hearing that some games are delayed as far back as October if you were to order today, which is just crazy and shows that the supply chain problems, as predicted, weren’t easing up any time soon.

Instead of talking about tickets, Endless Mode provides a Daily and All Time high score. There is also a Bar Mode where the game can vend just a single ticket or two that can be redeemed for something like a drink or other prize that the location wants to hand out. I may have to try that just to see…but this doesn’t indicate that I’m converting my place into a big redemptioncade now. 😛

The spinner is really cool as they have an etched (rubber?) piece that wraps around it to provide some grip and make it look nicer than just a plain metal spinner.

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