Next In Videmption From Sega: Jumanji

arcadehero February 3, 2022 0

Next month will be rather busy for Sega – they began shipping their latest light-gun game Mission: Impossible Arcade DX last month, then next they will begin shipping a few titles including VRAgent, ATV Slam SD, and the videmption game Men In Black.

Soon joining these titles is another new videmption piece, something that was hinted at as coming to IAAPA 2021, but it didn’t appear at the time – Jumanji. Joining the fray of licensed based on movies, this one is based upon the recent films of the same name (not the 90’s original). This game has been in development for quite a while, even changing hands between companies, before appearing in this form as announced by Sega today. It supports 1-4 players:

Jumanji by Sega AmusementsThe most surprising thing about it is that the game features 12 minigames that are played to win Jumanji – often videmption games are so simple that there’s only one quick game to play. Minigame pieces in arcades aren’t anything new, although they are uncommon. This does not appear to offer amusement-only play however.

Another surprise is the controller – it is described by Sega as thus:

Players take on the role as one of the film’s main characters to solve the entertaining and exciting games. To win the super ticket bonus, players must use quick-thinking and quicker reflexes to climb the Jaguar statue and save Jumanji. The gameplay is intuitive and entertaining thanks to the unique controller that switches between free-spin and ratchet-spin, depending on the game being played.

Here’s a pic from the site listing:

As for that piece sitting above it, that’s a speaker designed to produce audio that the particular user can hear.

You can see how players move and jump with that unique controller in this teaser below:

The game comes with a 65″ HD screen and it mentions that the game is powered by Unreal Engine, although it doesn’t mention which version is used. More details are found on Sega’s website; No mention yet of when the game will begin shipping, although I would expect to see it and hear more about the release at Amusement Expo in Vegas next month.

What do you think about it?

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