Astro Ninja Man Exa Coming To Arcades This Year

arcadehero February 28, 2022 0
Astro Ninja Man Exa Coming To Arcades This Year

It’s been a spell since we last received an announcement for a new title coming to the exA-Arcadia platform, and today’s addition should be welcome for NES fans. The exA already has two titles that graced the ol’ NES/Famicom, namely Gimmick Exact Mix and Kira Kira Star Night Exa. Now that will hit three with Astro Ninja Man Exa.

If that doesn’t sound like a familiar NES title, it’s because it is what we would classify as a “homebrew” – a title developed independently and outside of the NES’ official lifespan. This one was developed by Riki (same dev who created Kira Kira Star Night) and launched in cart form back in 2020 but it was extremely limited and only for the Famicom. A company by the name of Columbus Circle just began selling a DX version (today in fact), but it is still only available for the Famicom, as far as I am aware.

As you can see from the trailer, it’s a shoot ’em up game but fits more into the capabilities of the old hardware. It’s still impressive at that, and it comes with some great music.

Not many details have been provided about the Exa version, other than it’s coming this year and it will be a budget title like KKSN was. I would imagine the additions would include 4K support, new arranged music and some rad artwork; Perhaps it’ll get a new game mode too? We’ll find out more once the game gets “closer to launch” which should be relatively soon.

BTW on a side note – a fan site all about the exA has launched called exA.Fan – Hyper Exciting Visual Game Site. It looks fairly detailed for what it has already, so check it out if you’re interested.

What do you think about this one? Are there any other NES (official or homebrew) or retro 80s games that you’d like to see get an Exa remaster?

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