New Trailer & Art For Arcade-Only Fighting Game, Dynamite Bomb

arcadehero March 17, 2022 0
New Trailer & Art For Arcade-Only Fighting Game, Dynamite Bomb

I know many are looking for news on Amusement Expo and I’ll get to it (stay tuned to the AH YouTube channel for much of the latest), but this is quick and since it came out this morning, I figured it would be good to get to it.

If the title Dynamite Bomb!! doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because it’s an arcade exclusive title that’s been in development for the exA-Arcadia. It was first unveiled at IAAPA 2021 (with the subtitle People of a Certain Town but that appears to have been removed) and today exA posted a page for the game to their website. First, here’s the game as seen at IAAPA:

Thanks to that page, we’ve got the new artwork for it, which highlights the fighters. It also mentions the developers, Light Green 8, Gotcha Gotcha Games and Team EXA-AM2. After some searching, I don’t know who Light Green 8 is as there doesn’t appear to be a website for them (and those three words are all fairly generic) but Gotcha Gotcha Games has a site where they develop tools for game development. The game look and style reminds me of Chaos Code, with a few elements from Axel City 2 thrown in.

And the first official trailer, which shows those fighters in action:

No firm release date has been set at the moment, apart from it coming this year. What do you think about this game from the info posted? Which of the exA-Arcadia fighters released or revealed are you most interested in so far? As mentioned at the top, this one is going to be wholly exclusive to the exA, while other fighters on the platform have exclusive content (usually an extra character or two, rebalanced fighting) while the core games are available on consoles.

Also as a side note on exA-Arcadia, a correction and a quick piece of news: The other day in the Amusement Expo preview I said that exA would be raising prices but that only applies to Japan, where I had thought it would be across the board. On the news, I mentioned that exA-Arcadia would be at ShooterFes here in a few weeks, an event focused on shoot ’em ups in Japan but they will also be attending DEAL over in Dubai. DEAL is taking place a bit earlier in the year than usual – it’s often in May – but it will be taking place in just a couple of weeks.


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