May Arcade Releases: Shadow Gangs X; Wicked Tuna; Pac-Man Chompionship

arcadehero May 27, 2022 0

Memorial Day weekend is upon us in the US so it seems like a good time to get some quick news out there before everyone is away. Here are some games that have shipped recently that you might so happen to find out there in the wild in case you visit an arcade as a part of your holiday.

Shadow Gangs X (exA-Arcadia)

The latest release for the exA multi-game platform has been moved from Pre-Order to New Games on the exA site, Shadow Gangs X by JKM. This is a love letter of sorts to games like Shinobi & Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja, presenting sidescrolling ninja action for 1-2 players. The arcade version has some enhancements to it from the Steam version, including the addition of a new female character. I captured tons of raw gameplay on this one at IAAPA 2021:

Noisz Arc+Coda is still showing as pre-order but I do imagine it’ll be shipping out any day now; I also believe we’ll be getting some more news on Samurai Shodown V Perfect fairly soon. From what I’ve seen, I can guarantee it will be a little different (and certainly more desirable for SS fans) from both the console release and the MVS bootleg floating around out there.

Wicked Tuna (UNIS)

UNIS has been teasing their newest fishing game for a while, showing it off at Amusement Expo 2022 recently; While there hasn’t been an announcement of the game shipping, photos have shown up online showing that the game is at some Dave & Busters locations out there. Distributors have also listed the game and there are listings on the UNIS website for each model, although they haven’t moved those to the USA game page as of this time.

Pac-Man Battle Royale Chompionship (Bandai Namco Amusements)

I’m putting this one down further not to make you scroll through other games but because Namco also has announced anything official for shipping on this, and the last time I talked to them they were saying June. That said, apart from the special time-limited-exclusive DX version that’s out there for Dave & Busters, a Betson rep from their California office posted a comment on my recent news video about this stating that they just shipped the game out.  We’ll call that good enough, although if you ordered one and are still waiting, my assumption is that they’re getting through stock as fast as they can but it may take a while due to all of the various reasons that caused the delays in the first place. It’s also worth noting that the Chompionship product page has also been updated on Namco’s site to share more details and a better, more final cabinet render.

Here’s a much nicer shot of the DX model that’s at D&B’s right now, as shared on Reddit.

As a reminder, another May release was Golden Tee PGA Tour and I have some news about some upcoming games but this really needs a disclaimer…and some space so if not interested in that then here’s the end of the story for you – You can browse the latest releases here on our New Releases page.



The news below is NSFW 18+ as it regards some upcoming adult arcade games that are going on test in the US soon for the Hawt Pink platform.



You’ve been warned 😛


Some undetermined titles will be testing at a strip club in the Midwest here “soon” and Hawt Pink has setup a Vimeo channel for sharing trailers to the games. The Rumble Storm trailer doesn’t have anything explicit but the BABK one does have some nudity. Again, this link is NSFW so viewer discretion is advised and all that.


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