Fury VR Solo Debuting At IAAPA 2022

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At IAAPA 2021, VRstudios debuted their Fury two-player VR cabinet with a basketball game by the name of Hoops Madness; Then a short time ago it was reported that VR Studios was launching a new American football VR game to arcades by the name of Football Frenzy. Now at this upcoming IAAPA, the company has announced they will debut a single-player version of their Fury cabinet, which will showcase the Football Frenzy game.

Fury Solo with Football Frenzy by VRstudios

If this cabinet looks familiar it’s because it’s the same design that debuted with VRsenal’s Rhymatic 2 earlier this summer. If this makes things confusing, it’s because VRsenal builds both models of the Fury cabinets, with VRstudios licensing it from them for use on their own content, which is currently the “Real Sports VR” line of titles.

The main benefit of this design is that it is able to reduce the price of an arcade VR system (also called LBE VR for “Location-based Entertainment Virtual Reality) to under the $30k mark; Many systems land in between $50k~$100k. The tradeoffs are no second player and no self-retracting cable gantry for the VR hardware. Still, this does not require an attendant to operate, so for locations looking to get into VR and add a non-golf sporting video game to their mix, here you go.

In reading the press release below, the Atari nerd in me can’t help but notice VRstudios’ new “Real Sports” trademark – that’s because back on the 2600 you had a number of “RealSports” branded games. This new trademark has nothing to do with Atari nor those old games but it’s just something I noticed. 😉

Do note that VRstudios does not have their own booth – they are a part of Creative Works, which will be found at booths 4271 & 4072 (which is more towards the inflatables & food area, NOT the arcade pavilion).  Here’s the press release for more info:

VRstudios expands Real Sport™ VR line with new arcade easy, cost-effective FURY Solo

designed and priced for every arcade and any budget

October 26, 2022 – Redmond, WA – VRstudios, a leading creator of turn-key Virtual Reality (VR)
experiences and attractions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE), is excited to debut the FURY Solo,
an innovative, unattended, single-player VR attraction designed to deliver multiple Real Sport™ VR
experiences in a small footprint and at an attractive price point.

The FURY Solo will make its debut at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, November 15-18, 2022. Attendees can
experience the attraction and place their orders at Creative Works’ Booths #4271 & 4072. The FURY
Solo will be available at an attractive entry price with tradeshow pricing only at IAAPA. FURY Solo joins
the 2-player FURY Duo in the VRstudios lineup.

VRstudios offers a growing catalog of Real Sport™ VR Experiences for the FURY designed specifically
for broad appeal and labor-free operation at amusement locations, including the recently released
Football Frenzy, the VR quarterback arcade experience. While 51% of Americans consider themselves
to be “fans of professional football”, a recent Arcade Sports Game Survey of LBE operators found that
79% of operators have ZERO football games in their arcade. Operators can license both Football Frenzy
and Hoops Madness (competitive VR basketball experience) titles, making the FURY the industry’s first
multi-sport VR attraction.
“VRstudios continues to develop VR experiences and attractions designed to be arcade-easy additions
for operators who want a broad mix of games and amusement options,” noted Kevin Vitale, CEO and

Chairman of VRstudios. “For the FURY, we now have two amazing VR Sports titles, attractions in single-
player and multiplayer configurations, and aggressive promotional pricing that makes it easy for

operators to buy a FURY and future-proof their investment.”
To purchase a FURY please contact VRstudios at sales@vrstudios.com or Creative Works at 317-834-
Media Contact: Andre Lawless at Lawless Marketing for VRstudios – andre@lawlessmarketing.com

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About VRstudios
VRstudios innovates and delivers virtual reality technology, systems, immersive experiences and
turnkey VR attractions, built expressly for the location-based entertainment (LBE) market. The company
has built the largest portfolio of original LBE VR experiences as well as custom experiences integrating

proprietary high-profile IP assets and branding. VRstudios is trusted by industry giants to provide best-
in-class VR technology and experiences.

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