Arcade Releases May 2023: Gungeon – House of the Gundead; Donut Dodo Do!; Halo: Fireteam Raven Tethered

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Arcade Releases May 2023: Gungeon – House of the Gundead; Donut Dodo Do!; Halo: Fireteam Raven Tethered

It’s the last day of May, so it is time to give a shout out to the arcade games released this month! I’ll also be making a video to highlight these games; Please share them around to let people know about a few of the new games that you might stumble across at an arcade this summer.

Enter The Gungeon – House of the Gundead

We’ll start with one of two original titles, this  one probably being  the better known thanks to its success on the home market. The unique arcade version of House of the Gundead has  seen initial test units sent out, with the wider production release following up soon. Still, with a few units out there int he wild already, we’ll count it as released. As you can tell by looking at the cabinet, this one is NOT a twin-stick shooter, but a light-gun title, although  I’m curious to see how the Sinden guns work in a commercial setting.

Donut Dodo Do!

Donut Dodo Do! by Pixel GamesNext up in titles are joining the coin-op space for the first time is Donut Dodo Do! for the exA-Arcadia. This is a retro-style single-screen platformer in the vein of Mario Bros., Popeye, and Donkey Kong. This arcade version features a new character Bella (wife to the male character Billy), simultaneous 2p support, a new stage and unique in-game bezel art drawn by an artist who worked on Capcom’s Mega Man series. Here’s some raw gameplay of it if you missed it, while the official trailer is below. Note that this started shipping in Japan on Monday  but it sounds like those who ordered the game out West will be getting it in June (it is a value-release, coming in around $850)

Halo: Fireteam Raven 4p Tethered Model

Halo: Fireteam Raven arcade 4-player by Raw Thrills

While it’s the biggest name of the games mentioned today, the game was released back in 2018, this marking the 3rd model so far. Raw Thrills has begun shipping what they call the tethered model, an upright version of the discontinued sit-down, fixed guns Super Deluxe 4-player model. It uses guns modeled after the iconic Assault Rifle from the Halo games, where I imagine it will be easy to encounter out there thanks to its lower price and smaller size than the SDX:

Which of these games interest you the most? Or do all of them catch your fancy?

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