Game Updates Abound: New Content For Step ManiaX, Pump It Up Phoenix & QBIX

arcadehero September 5, 2023 0
Game Updates Abound: New Content For Step ManiaX, Pump It Up Phoenix & QBIX

September might not be starting off with new cabinet releases but it is a time where owners of some particular existing games can enjoy fresh content for their platforms. Let’s dive into what’s come along

Step ManiaX

Step Revolution has released Content Update #42 for their game, adding five new songs to the mix (nothing related to Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy though, not that anyone out there is making music based on a book that age). I’m not sure what the official count for songs is on SMX at this point but assuming five new songs for each content update (I think a few had seven though), that’s at least 210 songs on top of what the game had shipped with, which was over 200.

Pump It Up 2023 Phoenix

(Thanks to Randy for this update) – The latest iteration of PIU just landed under a month ago but Andamiro has been on top of providing even more songs to their 500+ song roster. Seven songs are shown in this trailer, two of them coming from K-Pop. More info on the update can be found here, including a few other changes like correcting some step issues.

QBIX Adds Two New Games, Developing Another

Now for something that is not-at-all related to rhythm gaming – QBIX by Inowize. If you’ve not heard of this system, it debuted last year at IAAPA 2022, landing more on the side of Mixed Reality than Virtual Reality as it has no wearables. The game imagery is projected onto three surrounding walls and it can handle multiple players – as well as multiple games. As of this writing, there are now three games available for any QBIX installation; Fright Maze was shown at Amusement Expo 2023 I believe (but this is the first trailer/promo I’ve seen for it) while Pack-A-Boom is brand new. A fourth game is also in the works although I don’t know more about it than that:


This seems to be a cross between Pac-Man and Bomberman. I’m not sure why but in both trailers they are not using the modified HTC controllers that I’d seen for the QBIX previously.

The updates from the rhythm games are free although I think the QBIX ones have a cost associated with them; Check with your distributor or salesperson to be sure.

Does anything from the updates above catch your interest?

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