New Cabinet Render & Info For Drakons: Realm Keepers

arcadehero October 17, 2023 0

I posted a video about this yesterday but little more info to accompany that today. In case you haven’t watched that or prefer to read and click, Betson has updated their website with a few new games, including UNIS’ Lane Master Xtreme & Sega’s Hyper Cross that I discussed on the blog this past Friday. They’ve also listed Drakons: Realm Keepers but today, Adrenaline has added the game to their own website.

Also, see the bottom of the post for IAAPA video footage

Drakons: Realm Keepers Cabinet

First, here’s the cabinet render as seen on Betson’s site:

Drakons: Realm Keepers arcade cabinet by Adrenaline Amusements The details there are similar to what Betson has, although it lacks the amount of detail (and there are some adjective changes on a thing or two). One thing it clarifies is the screen, which is a “Massive Ultra-bright 106″ LED Panel.” Betson is still saying it uses an “85” LCD,” which makes me wonder if Adrenaline might be planning on doing two different models for this – one with a traditional but giant display tech and the other that you see above which uses micro LED panels. I won’t complain about having options, but we’ll have to see what appears at IAAPA.

Drakons On Test

Along those lines, I reached out to my local Betson rep who said he’s been testing the game out for the past couple of months. It’s been played “on par with the “Environmental” games like Jurassic or Halo but at a higher price per play” thanks to the motion base. Reports from the location are “awesome,” but there’s no word on pricing yet. He also mentioned that they are going to be testing it with an 85″ LCD just to compare, but didn’t explicitly state that there are two model options at this time. Still, it sounds like the software supports two display modes, so it’s an option. He also doesn’t have final pricing but it will be quoted at IAAPA.

Here’s the video that is currently found from Adrenaline’s listing of the game on their website. It shows very brief gameplay, which fortunately does not show the rendering of the seats in the image like we see in the attract video that Betson has shared.

This game will definitely be showcased at Adrenaline’s IAAPA 2023 booth; I’ll be finding out more about it then, along with filming it. What do you think about Drakons from what we’ve seen so far?

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