Checking Out GoldStorm Pirates On Test

arcadehero October 19, 2023 0

A big thanks to Federico R. for providing this information. Keep in mind however that this post discusses/shows a game on location test. It may drastically change from what you see below by the time it hits production or it may not see production at all. 

Back in May and June, Bandai Namco Amusement quietly (well, until we posted about it 😛) put up a new game on test, a sequel to their 2009 release DeadStorm Pirates at a location in Japan and the Dave & Busters in Addison, IL. Surprisingly enough, the game is back on test at the latter this many months later – although the cabinet has changed a bit, as I mentioned in this video from just last week. Thanks to Federico however, we now have a much better look at the game than we’ve seen to date:

GoldStorm Pirates by Bandai Namco Amusements

As seen above, instead of the more enclosed environmental cabinet, it’s using an open design, with the bench seat on a motion base sitting in front of a giant 85″ screen. Per Federico, the game is charging 14.9 credits to play (between $1-$2 a pop, depending upon what deals the user might have purchased). It still uses a pirate wheel as the original did, although from this it looks more detailed. GoldStorm Pirates also has a motion base (which was one model option for the original game) and wind effects.

Here’s a short look at one of the cutscenes are in action:

And here are a few more photos to look over:

I'm hopeful that this will be at IAAPA 2023 on Bandai Namco Amusement America's booth, but unless they announce that in advance, I'm not sure if it will be there until I get onto the show floor. There have also been some hopes that Taiko No Tatsujin and maybe even Bike Dash Delivery will appear on their booth too, although these seem even less likely at the moment. Still, with both of those titles on test recently too, BNA seem to have a very strong future release slate building up for 2024 and beyond.

For now, what are your thoughts on GoldStorm Pirates from this latest pre-release look? Have you had the chance to play it on test yet?

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