LAI Games To Roll Out Four New Video Arcade Games At IAAPA 2023

arcadehero October 19, 2023 0

It’s that time of year where new arcade games are inbound, thanks to the IAAPA 2023 tradeshow event that will be taking place in Orlando, FL from Nov. 14th-18th. If you’re new to arcades, IAAPA is a giant tradeshow, kind of like the arcade industry’s E3, although it does cover more than arcades, such as theme parks.

Because of its importance, it is the event where many new games launch and today, we have a short preview of four new games that LAI Games will unveil at the show. This comes to us from this preview they shared on LinkedIn: LAI Games IAAPA promo

Starting with the last game first, that will be Asphalt Moto Blitz DX, a game we’ve discussed previously; Here’s the trailer for that one in case you missed the news:

As for the other three games, there isn’t much to go on apart from those screenshots but I’ll analyze what I can.

For the top one that involves ascending a futuristic spire in space, you can sort of see what I assume is gameplay in the center between the purple/grey creature’s neck & wing, although it would be quite surprising to see a top down game that is perhaps a MOBA-style game? No idea if that one is videmption or pure video, although usually videmption games do have the option to choose whether or not it will dispense tickets or just play for points.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jdevy on Discord, this is actually a coin pusher game called Demon Tower. I was way off on that one, so feel free to admonish/flog me for my grave mistake. It could get a name change or stay the same:

The second game definitely is a videmption game first, as you can see the “ticket error” box on the right. That doesn’t mean it’s exclusively videmption though. Otherwise, as an “aerial adventure” I’m wondering if it might be like Prop Cycle or Sky Raiders, where you have to pedal to make your vehicle move?

For the last one (or third one down), it might be a light-gun/mounted gun game, but that’s not assured – LAI has done games like Shooting Mania before which did involve virtual guns but the player just pushed one of the big buttons. That said, the statement about “digital & analog seamlessly merge” has me wondering if there could be another kind of control used. Or, now that I was way off on Demon Tower, it could be a redemption game that just uses some additional digital functions.

It isn’t much to go off of at the moment but better than nothing – I’ll be at IAAPA to check them all out. If you are headed to the show, does anything on this teaser interest you?

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