IAAPA 2023: LAI Games Announces Their Line-up

arcadehero November 7, 2023 0
IAAPA 2023: LAI Games Announces Their Line-up

This probably won’t be a shock to you, if you’ve been reading the blog recently, but LAI Games has unveiled what it is that they are bringing to IAAPA 2023. First the tweet, then the details:

It’s also worth noting that LAI has a new logo. They also have a showcase article about them in the Nov. 2023 issue of Replay Magazine.

Anyways, onto the games!

Cosmic Spire & Dragon’s Bane

We’ll start with the two redemption games first. Cosmic Spire is a rebranded coin pusher game called Demon’s Tower. I’m not aware of Dragon’s Bane being based upon an existing piece, but that is possible. DB is also a coin pusher but it involves a video game element to it that goes deeper than the typical inclusion of a display into these games. It appears to control using a single-button, and it has three player stations.

Asphalt Moto Blitz DX

This was the most obvious game from their initial tease, the sorta-sequel to Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade. You’re riding a super bike instead of super car in this instance – although there is a mode where you can race against the latter.

Asphalt Moto Blitz DX by Wahlap and LAI GamesNote that LAI will NOT be the only place where you can find Asphalt Moto; You can also find it at Wahlap’s booth (#202). From an ad in Intergame Magazine, they will also have Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade VR on hand.

Air Strike

After a little sleuthing from Jdevy, it appeared that one of the games from LAI’s initial IAAPA tease would be an aerial combat game called Air Strike. That has been confirmed now, although the cabinet as seen in the post here is much different from the one that LAI will be presenting. They have toned down the colors and removed the cartoon characters from the cabinet.

Developed by Ace Amusement, this brings aerial combat back to our industry. As an aside, I have a Blazing Angels Arcade and it still does admirably, fifteen years later. For Air Strike, it is playable as either amusement only or ticket redemption, using a yoke as a controller, and has a swivel motion base. This is interesting, hearkening back to the days of when Sega would incorporate such tech into their mid-range motion games.

Here is the game as shown in an ad from Intergame Magazine.  I’ll need to check but it appears to ship in a twin configuration as opposed to selling separately.   LAI Games will be at booth #731; In addition to filming certain individual games, I will also film the booth. That’s where I’ll likely focus on the coin pushers and other redemption games that I tend to gloss over. If anyone wants me to focus more on any specific game, speak now or forever hold thy peace.

Which of these games is most appealing to you?

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