The Walking Dead Is Coming To Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Machines

arcadehero November 9, 2023 0
The Walking Dead Is Coming To Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Machines

The Big Buck Hunter World Championship XVI event has come and gone, with over $100k in cash prizes given away throughout. During the event, Play Mechanix & Raw Thrills showed off new content for the next update to Big Buck Hunter Reloaded. As you’ve already read from the headline however, part of that content includes The Walking Dead.

In case you missed it, The Walking Dead was released exclusively to arcades back in 2017. It was developed by Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills and chances are you’ve played it already, in case you’ve visited a modern arcade in the past few years.

If you did miss it though, now it will be much easier to find.

The Walking Dead In Big Buck – The Trailer

To be fair, this trailer is more about the full content update, which also includes 6 new mini-games and the return of the caribou animal, but it’s significant to see that the full game for The Walking Dead is now going to be a part of Big Buck Hunter machines. I was expecting something like Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission, which was only a part of it.

This also means that there are three zombie-focused games in Big Buck: Doe of the Dead, Zombie Deer, now TWD.

As the end of the trailer states, this will launch “November 2023” – which is right now. I assume it will officially become available next week while IAAPA is going on.

What do you think about this one?


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