Bullseye Crackshot Now Shipping To Arcades

arcadehero December 13, 2023 0
Bullseye Crackshot Now Shipping To Arcades

First shown at Bowl Expo with the production model on display at IAAPA 2023, Coastal Amusements is ready to ship their latest arcade video game, Bullseye Crack Shot. Let’s take a look at this new release:


For some background, Bullseye Crack Shot is one of numerous recent video shooting range efforts, a genre that has seen a competitive burst in releases of late in arcades with the likes of Big Shot from JET Games. Developed by Ace Amusement out of China, it has already been available overseas for a little while in Europe via UDC. Here’s its recent Stateside appearance at IAAPA:


There are two models available of Bullseye Crack Shot – a single player with a 49″ monitor and a two-player with a 65″ monitor, as well as a third twin version of the former not pictured here. This also uses a plastic gun shell with recoil and offers ticket/eTicket redemption, although it can operate on non-ticket mode.

Bullseye Crackshot by Ace Amusement and Coastal Amusements

The Game

As you might have caught from the video above, there are multiple scenarios to choose from – eight to be exact. These include skeet shooting, an accuracy test, break the bottles and more. A couple of these feature classic shoot-the-bad-guys scenarios, with a look that will remind you of the console game Borderlands, mixed in with Coastal’s Wild West Shootout. Here’s an overview of them in this trailer from UDC:

Pricing will vary between distributors and models; I didn’t get an MSRP quote. What do you think of this one, if you have played it already?

(On another quick note: I am working on a new Location Watch post. I’ve got some catching up to do there however, so it might take a little time)

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