Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade Appearing At Round1USA’s Across The Land

arcadehero December 28, 2023 0

Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade has begun to appear in the United States but only at Round1USA locations. It is going to replace existing Street Fighter V Type Arcade setups, so any R1 that had an SF5 will upgrade. Just note that there are a few R1 stores which may not get the upgrade until later next year.

Here’s a pic sent in by Eddie Bogard who came across this at the Round1 in Burbank, CA:

Street Fighter 6 Type Arcadnd1USAe at RouFrom the pics shown, this has not been fully translated into English, although I’m sure it is easy enough for any fan to figure out.

Several readers are saying that they are hearing of other locations than the Burbank one have also replaced their SF5 setups, although as of this moment I have not been able to confirm which ones those are.

An Important Street Fighter Caveat

While this does mean that SF6 is officially in arcades here in the States, I wouldn’t get too excited. Unless some dynamic drastically changes, you’re not going to see this in every arcade nor at convenience stores and movie theater lobbies like you would have found SF2 back in the day.

As far as I have been able to confirm, this is currently a Round1USA exclusive. That doesn’t mean it will stay that way, but for the moment that is the deal.

Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade by Capcom, SF6

Why no big, high profile release? That’s because Capcom hasn’t had an arcade division in the States since 2001. They barely have a functioning AC division in Japan – to the point that Taito is taking care of this kit. I have not heard of any distributor here carrying the game, so I also don’t know how much it costs. If it’s anything like previous Street Fighter kits though, it will be prohibitively expensive.

I was also told that SF6TAC will receive certain content (such as characters) a few weeks before the console version does…although nothing that will remain exclusive. Perhaps that will work to help drive some traffic to arcades that have it, at least for a bit. But it will take a sustained effort to really help.

Again, none of this means that you won’t find the game anywhere else in 2024, although for now, we’ll consider it to be a limited release and Round1USA exclusive.

Your thoughts on this development?

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