Inconceivable! The Princess Bride Comes To Arcades Via Multimorphic Pinball

arcadehero February 19, 2024 0
Inconceivable! The Princess Bride Comes To Arcades Via Multimorphic Pinball

The ancient tale of true love is coming to arcades this summer, thanks to Multimorphic and their P3 interchangable pinball system. Their most recent release was Weird Al’s Museum of Natural Hilarity, and now they’re dipping their hand into the bag of ’80s licenses again with The Princess Bride. Read on to find out more.

The Princess Bride Pinball Trailer

If you aren’t familiar with The Princess Bride, it’s a fantasy/comedy film from 1987. Those who grew up in the late ’80s or early ’90s probably saw it long before it became a ‘meme goldmine’. That aside, it’s still a great movie that holds up today.

For this upcoming pinball machine, here’s the trailer:

The Princess Bride – Details

As you can glean from that trailer (or if you haven’t watched it yet), this game is being sold in three configurations: Standard, Limited Edition, and Collector’s Edition. Of a note, if you already own a P3 Multimorphic machine, then you can just order the game kit to change this out from an existing P3 game (which is rather nice). For pricing, it goes as follows:

  • Dedicated Machines: $11,500 (SE) / $12,750 (LE) / $13,750 (CE)
  • Kits: $3750 / $5000

For details on the differences between editions, I’ll just share this handy chart instead of typing it all out 😛

Multimorphic will begin taking pre-orders tomorrow at 9AM CST, but you need to have an account on their website to be able to place the order.

Also worth noting are improvements to the P3 system, per the company:

We have a number of changes and improvements to the P3 platform in progress. All P3s shipping upon the start of The Princess Bride production will include all of the changes. They include new front cabinet artwork, RGB speaker lights as a stock feature (instead of an option), and all of the machine improvements discussed in previous updates. Upgrade kits will be made available to existing P3 owners at that time.

Along with the improvements comes new pricing. A base P3 machine without a game kit is now $8,500 and includes the previously optional RGB speaker lights. The machine can be purchased with a playfield module installed at the Multimorphic factory for 20% off of the playfield module’s price.

$8500 to start does put this closer to Stern’s Premium territory, however, with multiple kit options available, once you have a base, then switching games out is welcome, particularly if one theme isn’t doing well, or you want to change things up depending on the season.

What you do think about this game? Is it something that you would invest into for your collection or location?

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