Sega Releases Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go! Into The Wild

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Sega Releases Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go! Into The Wild

Sega has announced the availability of their next videmption arcade game, Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go! Let’s take a look at what it is all about, in case you missed our previous coverage on the title.

Zombies! Ready, Deady, Go! cabinet by Sega Amusements

Zombies! Ready Deady Go! – The Derby Game

ZRDG as I’ll call it, is what is called a “derby-style” game. Such games are generally 100% electromechanical, challenging the player to roll balls into certain targets at the end of the playfield aisle. Depending upon the target the ball goes into, a mechanical item like a horse will move farther and/or faster as you try and be the first to reach the finish line on the other side of the game panel.

ZRDG upgrades that idea, replacing the mechanical portion with a video screen. Otherwise gameplay is the same – you are trying to get your zombie to reach the finish line first. Thanks to that screen, however, Sega has thrown in some other tidbits, such as obstacles that slow you down, and live commentary from Ken Chase and Brian De’ath (a puppet).

I haven’t heard how much this game is going for yet, although any Sega authorized distributor should have that info handy if you’re looking to grab one.

Now for the press release from Sega; Here’s the game page on their site if you are also curious to read more.

Press Release

The greatest afterlife race is now on and is an event you do not want to miss! Zombies, Ready Deady, Go! is SEGA Amusements’ brand-new skill-based redemption game and is shipping now!

Experience non-stop action with this ball-rolling, derby-style game. The eye-popping cabinet is one you simply cannot miss, with fully lit alleys and unique artwork; it is a stunning centre piece in any arcade, FEC or bowling centre.

Featuring 4-player gameplay, Zombies Ready Deady Go! delivers fun competition between friends and family and encourages repeat play for bragging rights!

Zombies Ready Deady Go! is perfect for players of all skill levels, immersing them in the heart of the action. What makes this game distinctive from the rest is its unique zombie competitors: Bubbles, Coco, Dizzy and Smudge. Alongside the competitors is the witty TV presenter Ken Chase and his crazy Zombie Sidekick, Brian De’ath. The combination of these elements gives this game unmatched laugh-out-loud humour for both adults and children. At the centre of this game is a massive 65” screen that showcases players’ zombies and their race progress.

To become the unrivalled victor of the apocalypse, players must skillfully roll balls into the holes to make their zombie walk, jog, or run. What’s more, during the final sprint, players should stay alert and watch for the super bonus zombie mouth to open at the end of the playfield. Tickets are awarded based on race position and ball scores. You better make sure you don’t get left for dead!

Get ahead of your competitors with Zombies Ready Deady Go! This must-have arcade game is now shipping!

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