Bike Dash Delivery Arrives For Testing In The US

arcadehero March 8, 2024 1

Arcade fans who have a soft spot for everything Bandai Namco will be interested to hear that Bike Dash Delivery has arrived in the US for testing. Read on for the few details.

Note that the following shows a game on test. This game could change significantly from what you see here to final production or, it may not be released at all. Thanks to Ryte for sharing this news on our Discord server and Manamaster for the original find.

What Is Bike Dash Delivery?

As a quick refresher, Bike Dash Delivery is a new arcade game by Bandai Namco Amusement currently under development. After reports on Twitter of its location tests in Japan were spotted by Ted last summer, it appeared at Tokyo Game Show in September with Dead Heat Unleashed, and also at Amusement Expo in November over there. Now, it is making what seems to be its first overseas appearance.

From previous impressions in Japan, the gameplay of BDD has been quite favorably described as Crazy Taxi meets Prop Cycle (or more realistically, Downhill Bikers… though it does seem like people are much more familiar with Prop Cycle). Players are tasked with delivering fast food to customers, whilst pedalling a bike mold with real controls. It is essentially Uber Eats (or Door Dash) the video game.

The US Test

Up to this point, Bike Dash Delivery has only been tested in Japan, although from those few instances, the reviews have been positive. Given that we saw it appear pre-IAAPA, I was wondering if it would appear at a trade show out West, but so far, no dice.

If you find yourself anywhere near the Round1USA in Aurora, IL [Fox Valley Mall], then you can go and give the game a spin this weekend – perhaps for the next few weekends. This was only spotted and shared on Discord and Twitter, with nothing through Bandai Namco Amusement America on it officially yet. The software has been translated into English, although all of the artwork and instructions are still in Japanese.

Of course, there is every chance that this could end up being another Round1USA exclusive; they do often have those, for instance, Music Diver by Taito. I suppose that also depends on how the test goes. Hopefully this one shows up at Amusement Expo here with the other games BNA have similarly been testing out over the course of the past year (GoldStorm Pirates and Taiko), but if it doesn’t, I’ll be sure to ask about it.

What do you think? Would you like to see Bike Dash Delivery get a wide release?

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