Newsbytes Spring Show Edition – Getting Hype For Amusement Expo

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Newsbytes Spring Show Edition – Getting Hype For Amusement Expo

Welcome to a special end of Winter edition of Newsbytes, a post where we curate news from around the world of arcades and pinball. Amusement Expo 2024 starts this week and thus is a strong focus for most news that we cover here; but we’ll see if there’s something else out there worth a mention.

Note that on Tuesday I will publish an Amusement Expo preview, detailing everything I know that will be there. I will also do a livestream on YouTube about it on Tuesday morning, close to noon my time. Until then…

Godzilla Gets A Silent Trailer

I imagine it will get a reupload here soon, but the first official trailer for Raw Thrills’ Godzilla Kaiju Wars VR has been posted – and for some reason, it has no sound. It was posted to Betson’s YouTube account; I imagine that RT will post the same thing (with sound) to their own channel, here soon.

Smash DX Trailer

Over at LAI Games, they have a new trailer for Smash DX that does have sound along with some narration. I’ll get a chance to play this one at Amusement Expo and get more information on it too.

Bike Dash Delivery Updates

Bandai Namco Amusement recently placed one of their newest games, Bike Dash Delivery, on location test in the US. Since we reported on that last week, further updates have came thick and fast. First off, it has now reappeared on trial in Japan at a Taito Station, sporting a slightly refined cabinet to boot (as well as new LED lighting, it looks like the motorised seat adjuster is gone). Here’s some gameplay impressions from that. Secondly, our first gameplay video of the US version has emerged, courtesy of pr0se – check this out if you’re interested in how this early version looks and plays. Note that the most recent JP tests show some gameplay differences already, so don’t make a final judgment until it reaches production:

Maximum Tune 6RR+ Livestream

In more news from Bamco, they have also just held a livestream event for the latest iteration of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6RR+ today… and here it is. It’s all in Japanese but if you’re a WMMT fan, I doubt that is much of a barrier. Note that there is no evidence to support that 6RR+ will make its way here to North America, unless by some shock it is at Amusement Expo this week. The safe and easy bet is that it won’t be there though:

New Rhythm Game Versions

Some believe rhythm games now occupy a similar central space that fighting games once did in pulling players to arcades, especially in Japan, and as proof of their continued popularity here’s a couple more new versions of games from that genre that are getting pushed this month. One of those is Gitadora Galaxy Wave, the latest entry in Konami’s long-running guitar and drum game series that famously inspired the likes of Guitar Hero. This launched on the 13th in Japan and should also be available via Round1US locations already.

And speaking of fighting games… fans of those, especially King of Fighters, may find the announcer VA here familiar.

As well as Gitadora, Sega’s Maimai DX is also getting its regular append update on the 21st in the form of Buddies Plus. This one was announced late last month at the fifth annual King Of Performai tournament event for it and Sega’s other rhythm games Chunithm and Ongeki, but hasn’t released just yet. Despite only being a Plus revision it does have some new gameplay elements added by the sounds of things, alongside the usual songlist additions. Goes without saying though that this one won’t be released outside of Japan…

The Texas Pinball Festival

Back on the US side of the pond, the Texas Pinball Festival has been going on strong this weekend, with it wrapping up today. If you couldn’t make it but you want to know what was there, here’s a handy floor tour from Pinball News:

American Pinball also took this opportunity to show off Barry O’s Barbeque Challenge.

Getting into business

Why did I start an arcade business? I ramble about that here 😛


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That’s it for this Newsbytes. Has any of the above pieces (e.g. the Bike Dash Delivery updates or Amusement Expo previews) interested you?

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