Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Being Offered In A New 2-player Model

arcadehero March 20, 2024 0

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade now has a second option for locations with tighter space & budget requirements. Let’s check it out.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade 2p

First released back in 2021, the Minecraft phenomenon finally came to arcades through Minecraft Dungeons Arcade. As a 4-player game, it not only employed one of the biggest gaming licenses in the world, it also came with card dispensers.

That game originally sold for around $14k however – a bit of a tall order for a joystick game. Now, as revealed at Amusement Expo 2024, the game is going to be available in a smaller and more affordable 2-player version. This was also posted to the AVS Companies website (H/T to Jdevy for that catch).

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade 2-player

Everything about the gameplay will remain the same, as players get a card, scan it to enhance their character, then traverse one of the several levels in a quest to vanquish the Illager’s minions. Check back later for pics (and soon, video) from the show.

I asked about Series 3 and unfortunately that is not coming yet, but soon. As you can see from the game’s flyer, it is being promoted as coming with Series 2.

What are your thoughts on this as either a gamer or an operator?

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