Marvel: Contest of Champions Arcade Is No Longer A D&B Exclusive

arcadehero March 22, 2024 0

Getting to some more news out of Amusement Expo 2024, Raw Thrills debuted the 2019 Dave & Busters Exclusive release of Marvel: Contest of Champions, offering it as an industry wide release. Read on for details.

Marvel: Contest of Champions (The Backstory)

If you’ve visited a Dave & Busters anywhere across the fruited plains over the past five years, then chances are you noticed – or played – this Marvel fighting game. Based upon a 2014 mobile game, this added elements of physical controls and collectible cards. In that sense, it was exactly like Raw Thrills’ popular Injustice Arcade, it just had Marvel as a license and a joystick for a little more control over the action.

Here’s a cabinet render of the machine that we posted on the side an age ago. There will be some slight cabinet changes, such as the branding (no D&B logo), no Captain Marvel topper, and a smaller screen:

Marvel: Contest of Champions by Kabam, Raw Thrills and Dave & Busters

Why Now?

Five years is much longer than your typical chain exclusivity window – generally you see something like six months, or less. The answer to that question is: contracts. As they say though, better late than never.

As far as I can tell, nothing has changed about the game, although as I mention in the video, the joystick only seems good for blocking. Otherwise, the game really pushes you together to make for very fast fights.

As a note, the new Minecraft Dungeons Arcade 2-player cabinet is the same form factor as this one, just different art/controls.

The Cards

I don’t have a ton of info on the cards, aside from Series 1, but the cabinet mentions Series 2 being made available. A series 3 run probably depends on how popular this is with the wider market. The same cards still should work fine on any cabinet however.

Wolverine Contest of Champions card

This game is not available quite yet, but more info will be forthcoming within the next month or so. I also doubt that any distributor you deal with would turn your order down if you wanted to make one. What do you think about it?

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