Alan-1 Opens Pre-Orders For Asteroids Recharged & Avian Knights

arcadehero March 28, 2024 0
Alan-1 Opens Pre-Orders For Asteroids Recharged & Avian Knights

We don’t often see pre-orders in the video arcade space, but newcomer Alan-1 Inc. has posted pre-orders for both their 2 & 3-player models on Asteroids Recharged and Avian Knights.

Asteroids Recharged Arcade

As you might have seen previously here on the blog, Asteroids is coming back to arcades through Alan-1 Inc. and Atari. Despite only getting the source code six weeks before the show, Alan-1 had a pair of cabinets ready to roll at Amusement Expo 2024:

The software isn’t complete yet as they have changes/enhancements to make, including the integration of their Major League eSports Arcade app.

While the below video is named after this post, it just shows the 3-player model of the game in action:

Pre-Order Links

Asteroids Recharged Arcade 3-player

(Prototype cabinet – Final is subject to change, including the use of a monitor bezel) 

If you were impressed with what you saw and you want to grab one, Alan-1 has posted links to pre-orders. It’s $1000 down on either one, which goes towards the final price. Per the website, the 2-player is $6499 plus freight, while the 3-player is $12,999 plus freight. Deposits are non-refundable.

2-player pre-order

3-player pre-order

It is surprising that these are going up this soon, as the game is not slated to ship until Q3 2024. I’m also not aware of it being tested yet. Perhaps they are gauging serious interest, due to the stated interest that they received from the Expo. They even mentioned some larger chains looking to invest into it, so it definitely has the latter there… but you don’t know for sure until there is money down.

It’s also worth noting that Avian Knights has pre-order pages up too. Pricing is the same for both the 2-player and the 4-player AK.

What are your thoughts on these Alan-1 games – do either of them interest you enough to place a pre-order at this point?

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