Raw Thrills Launches ‘Hero Cards’ Series 3 Update For Minecraft Dungeons Arcade

arcadehero April 10, 2024 0

At Amusement Expo 2024, there was a Minecraft-shaped surprise from Raw Thrills, with the 2-player Minecraft Dungeons Arcade cabinet. RT were coy however about the next software update and Series 3 cards… until today. Thanks to them and a few subsequent updates, here is the first look at Series 3 and the Hero cards.

Minecraft Series 3 – The Hero Update

As a refresher, Series 1 is what came with the machine for starters, offering 60 cards to collect; Series 2 came along in at the end of 2022 and bumped that up to 98 cards (and a new level, The Hidden Depths). Now with Series 3, we see the number reach 118, while introducing a new category of card: The Hero Card.

Here’s the new sell sheet, featuring the new two player model cabinet that is indeed now being sold. You could almost call this an “Arcade Heroes” update 😉

Hero Cards

The new Hero Cards feature five powerful items on one unique card and automatically fill all five player loadout slots – Melee, Range, Armor, Skin and Pet. They have an “opulent holographic and gold foil accents” and are already shipping. Operators who order a box or a case will receive a free upgrade kit that includes a software update USB, a new Series 3 translite and a voucher to redeem a free Series 3 promotional banner. The software update will automatically download to all online-connected Minecraft Dungeons Arcade units in mid-April.

Players have a one-in-ten chance to pull a Hero Card every time they press start. Series 1 & 2 still work just fine, so players can continue to craft their characters.

The release I received didn’t specifically mention what a new level or what it may have, but there were slots for such levels from the Series 2 update. In case you missed that, it added The Hidden Depths to the mix. I then received clarification on this – while there is a new level in the works, it is not being released at this present time. Stay tuned for an update in that regard.

I will of course grab a direct capture of the newest level and post to the channel once it is available. In the meantime, do you have any thoughts or comments on this Minecraft Dungeons Arcade update?


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