Phantom Breaker Omnia Now Available To Order For Arcades

arcadehero June 29, 2024 0
Phantom Breaker Omnia Now Available To Order For Arcades

A new 2.5D fighting game is now available for arcades to grab, thanks to exA-Arcadia’s latest release, Phantom Breaker Omnia. Based upon the fighting title of the same name, exA has made some upgrades to it that makes this another ‘premium’ release. Let’s check it out:

Phantom Breaker Omnia – The Series

Phantom Breaker got its start back on consoles in 2011 with an arcade release for Sega’s Ringedge 2 platform coming along in 2013. A console-only sequel landed in 2013, then Omnia graced the current gen of consoles back in 2022. Until Omnia had arrived, the game was only available in Japan, although even with Omnia out there I’m not sure how many people know it about it elsewhere.

As you can tell from that trailer or looking up other bits about it online, it features a mostly female cast of anime characters who do battle as a mysterious man named Phantom goads the characters into duels.

Phantom Breaker Omnia – Arcade Edition

Announced last year, this new arcade edition of Omnia is launching on the exA-Arcadia multi-game system as a kit. Existing owners of an exA board can purchase this kit below (from exA in some instances or their authorized exA distributor in others – note that distributors can provide the correct artwork for your model of cabinet, while direct will just come with the Japanese set) for around $1275USD. That’s the same range as their other recent fighter release, Omen of Sorrow. Note that pre-orders are open now, while orders will start shipping out next week, making this ‘officially’ a July release. Also, this is NOT restricted to Japan – any arcade anywhere can add it to their selection of they so desire.

Phantom Breaker Omnia kit set from exA-Arcadia

The exA version features 2 frames of input lag for the best response time out of any in the series; a new arranged soundtrack; and all 23 characters are unlocked from the start. Here’s some footage I grabbed from it at IAAPA 2023. The game features some great effects and art, blending 3D backgrounds with 2D characters. I suppose you could also say that it has a little bit of SoulCalibur in there, thanks to all the characters wielding a weapon of some kind:

What do you think of this one? Would you seek out a location that has it?


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