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Article: The United States of Street Fighter IV

Shaggy September 10, 2008 1

Here is another take on what is going on with SFIV right now by Jared Rea and for those interested he also has some pictures of what some operators are doing with their kits,

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"The Future of the Arcade" article @ TechRadar

Shaggy August 10, 2008 0

Our friend Kevin Williams of the Stinger Report has given an interview to a website called TechRadar in anticipation of his upcoming seminar at the Edinburgh Interactive 2008 show. In the article Kevin discusses

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Konami doing well, in part to their arcade business

Shaggy August 7, 2008 0

When I have read about the arcade industry from other news sources in recent times they mostly ignore any good news the industry has to offer such as new game releases but they focus

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Tokyo Game Action Site Review & their 5th anniversary

Shaggy August 1, 2008 0

A short time ago, we were contacted by Andrew McGuire, of Tokyo Game Action, an arcade in Winchendon, MA where their focus is Japanese arcade gaming. In addition to Japanese arcades they also have

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Capcom & it's arcade business

Shaggy July 31, 2008 5

Since I’ve been busy lately I’m a little late on this as I’ve seen it reported all over the place but Capcom has revealed it’s revenues and one thing that has people talking is

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Incredible Technologies & Betson form an alliance

Shaggy July 18, 2008 0

It’s hard to keep track on distributor/manufacturer relations sometimes and if you visit distributor websites you sometimes find that they carry products from one company but not another. It’s obviously in the best interest

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New arcade coming to Austin, TX – "Arcade UFO"

Shaggy June 30, 2008 3

It seems that I’m not the only ‘crazy’ person who is opening up an arcade out there – a new arcade is in the works in Austin Texas that is also looking to provide

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New arcade in France focuses on fighters

Shaggy June 19, 2008 3

Despite what you might hear in the media at times, there are still many people out there who enjoy arcade fighters. I have seen that myself over the past week of running my arcade,

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Marketing the arcade

Shaggy June 19, 2008 0

One thing that some arcades seem to have trouble with is getting the word out about their business. This is something that any small business can have trouble with as it takes money to

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My arcade opening tomorrow in Utah, The Game Grid Arcade

My arcade opening tomorrow in Utah, The Game Grid Arcade

Shaggy June 9, 2008 15

UPDATE: We have had to move since I did this original post. I currently have a larger location inside the Valley Fair Mall at Suite C128, with many more games, more space and much

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My Arcade Update 5/26 (w/video)

Shaggy May 27, 2008 8

Even though it was a holiday in the US today that didn’t keep me from going in and working on the arcade. This week is the final push to get everything ready and I

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First images of my arcade location in West Valley City UT, The Game Grid Arcade

Shaggy May 3, 2008 9

UPDATE: I have since had to move from this location, to another, to yet another. Still in the same mall (Valley Fair which is outside Salt Lake City) but much larger location that the

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