Mario Just Wants an Arcade

Shaggy September 29, 2008 0

Thanks to Pushing Play for sending us this video, it’s Mario’s (aka Mike Long) protest about the Funland Arcade in Toronto closing down. With all the frustration I’ve heard about this Funland closing, I have to imagine that someone up in Toronto has the guff and the funds to open a new arcade there, the major obstacles being cash and anti-arcade laws/regulations there (from what I’ve heard). Anyways, onto the video

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  1. moo September 30, 2008 at 1:41 pm - Reply

    while the closing of Funland was distressing, there are still arcades around the outskirts/suburbs, including one that’s carrying SF4.
    when DDR machines and Initial D cabinets started to take up the bulk of Funland, there wasn’t really much reason to show up anymore.

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