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Konami finally update the website

Twisted Supreme July 7, 2008 3

As someone who frequents a lot of website each day, looking for the latest bits of news, I found it increasingly frustrating that Konami let thier European website go without an update for what seems

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Double your pleasure, double your fun! 2 video reviews in one post with The Act and Blazing Angels!

Shaggy July 5, 2008 2

As promised here are more video reviews. I’m sorry that the quality on these is well, youtube quality. I still don’t understand why certain videos make the cut for their “high quality” setting and

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More info on House of The Dead EX

Shaggy July 4, 2008 3

As expected a little more information on Sega’s latest entry into the House of the Dead series is out although you’ll have to bear with me as we have to rely upon a very

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Video of Samurai Spirits Sen @ GDC08

Shaggy July 4, 2008 2

For as many things as we are able to find out about arcades around the net, sometimes a game or announcement slips under our radar. Fortunately it’s not for forever so you’ll have to

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House of the Dead EX revealed at Sega's Summer Conference

Shaggy July 3, 2008 6

(Click on the images for the full view) So House of the Dead fans have been wondering for a while now if there would be a HOTD5 and at the latest Sega event in

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Visual Sports lays the smack down on Wii Sports

Shaggy July 3, 2008 1

I know a lot of people get the Nintendo Wii simply because of it’s pack-in game and maybe a few other titles. That can be good and bad for Nintendo as it gets the

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Virtua Fighter 5R location test in Japan

Shaggy July 3, 2008 0

While it’s not surprising that Sega is now testing out the latest upgrade to the Virtua Fighter 5 in Japan, it is slightly surprising that the popular blog Wired covered it. It’s not the

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GlobalVR to bring DC Comic's Justice League to arcades

Shaggy July 2, 2008 2

A little while back you might recall that we posted a press release from Signature Devices that referred to some sort of arcade game that would be featuring licensed characters from a DC comic

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The one handed mastery of SFIV; NESYS network supporting SFIV goes live; still no word on a US release

Shaggy July 1, 2008 6

At a recent Capcom press event in Santa Monica, CA, journalists had yet another opportunity to sit down with the arcade version of Street Fighter IV but this time they had an opportunity to

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Initial D5 on location test in Japan

Shaggy June 25, 2008 15

Yep, add another racer to the slate of arcade releases this year. Sega is now testing the latest iteration of the Initial D series, Initial D5 in arcades in Japan, reports AM-Net. Since my

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New Xbox 360 Coin-Op Arcade Machine just a day away?

Shaggy June 25, 2008 5

For a while on they have had a banner sitting there with a countdown towards an “Xbox Arcade Machine” for sometime now and according to the countdown, tomorrow is the day that it

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Fighter mania continues with BlazBlue

Shaggy June 24, 2008 3

The notion that no one wants to play fighters in the arcade anymore is silly. Apparently Capcom and Namco thinks so when it comes to the US but I have noticed a very interesting

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