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Location review – Sunrise Fun Center in Sacramento, CA

Shaggy March 20, 2008 0

Here’s another picture review of a small arcade in California thanks to our friend Dan on the KLOV Forums. This is of the Sunrise Fun Center in Sacramento, California, USA, a small amusement park

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Sega RaceTV mini-site opens

HeavyElectricity March 19, 2008 0

While rumour suggests that Sega RaceTV isn’t exactly revving the engines of arcade gamers, Sega Amusements Europe has recently launched a mini-site for the game, as is customary for big new releases from the

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The Star Wars Arcade Simulator

Shaggy March 19, 2008 0

When it comes to space combat games, few series have received as much arcade attention as Star Wars. The format for the space combat seen in the movies just translates so well into the

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Sega's RaceTV – your opinions

Shaggy March 19, 2008 10

Rumor has it that Sega’s newest racer is not doing to well in arcades. We already have reported that it is expected that the game will receive an update sometime within the next few

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MechWarrior 4 arcade in action

Shaggy March 18, 2008 6

I remember playing the first Mechwarrior on PC – it was a game that was ahead of it’s time with excellent 3D graphics (as always, for the time), a detailed storyline and overall a

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Promises of Arcade Street Fighter Used to Entice Visitors to London Show

Shaggy March 16, 2008 4

Here’s another fine article by Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report. It sounds like some people are using Street Fighter IV like it was the GTAIV of the industry to get attention. Read on:

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Awesome 3D arcade game art

Twisted Supreme March 16, 2008 0

[via Technabob] Want to jazz up your game room, then look no further these funky 3D arcade pieces by Melissa Jones. Melissa creates original wood carvings of classic arcade characters, then creates a resin casting

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Students arcade removed

Twisted Supreme March 16, 2008 0

Imagine the joy when you find out the college you are starting at has a few arcade games in the college centre. You’d count yourself damn lucky because I had nothing like that, were

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Next week my arcade makes its start

Shaggy March 15, 2008 21

I got some great news today that I will be signing the lease on the store lot where I will be placing my arcade sometime next week, possibly Monday or Tuesday. Once that happens

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Street Fighter IV's new mexican wrestler

Twisted Supreme March 13, 2008 4

Looks like Capcom are taking a leaf out of Nintendo’s SBB book and drip feeding us with tiny nuggets of SF4 goodness every so often. And boy do we lap it up. Keep ’em coming

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Shaggy's Review: Blade Master by Irem

Shaggy March 13, 2008 1

Since I covered scrolling fighters in my Missing in Action article recently, I figured that it would be good to cover one in my next review. This week we’re taking a look at a

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Income results on Japanese arcade games

Shaggy March 12, 2008 1

One thing that operators always want to know about before buying a game is “Did it test well?”. Good testing generally (but not always) indicates how well a game will do elsewhere although publishers

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