We're going to ASI!

Shaggy March 3, 2009 0

Just a brief note here, I have made all of the arrangements to go to ASI next week, so we’ll be out and about to take video of what’s going on and maybe do

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"Post ASI Seminars & Spotlight show" at Betson

Shaggy April 12, 2008 0

(Click on the image above to enlarge) If you live in or near Bensenville Illinois and you wanted to check out ASI, Betson is giving people a chance to get a taste of what

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ASI 2008 News Recap

Shaggy April 2, 2008 1

Just to help you in case you missed/overlooked anything, here is a recap of some of the news to come out of ASI this past week, either at the show or because of the

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The Stinger Report looks at ASI 2008 (part 1)

Shaggy March 29, 2008 0

ASI ends today and with it of course we have updates from what has happened at the show. First, here is a look at the show from The Stinger Report’s point of view, then

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I'm headed to ASI afterall

Shaggy March 26, 2008 0

Well it wasn’t looking like I was going to make it to ASI this year but as luck would have it, things have worked out in the end (pretty much at the last minute)

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Reminder: ASI 2008 this week in Vegas

Shaggy March 24, 2008 0

The UK had ATEI, Japan had AOU and now the US is going to have ASI. Known as the Amusement Showcase International, ASI is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and in

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