IAAPA 2023: Amusement Source International’s Game Line-Up

arcadehero November 7, 2023 0

Next up in our previews for the IAAPA 2023 Expo, we have Amusement Source International. Founded by Cory Haynes (a former CEO of Game Works), they import games from Asia that would otherwise not find their way to the US. They also work with developers to make certain changes so the games perform better here.

I have covered them in posts as well as previous show coverage and today, here’s the scoop on what they are bringing to IAAPA next week. You can find them at booth #237

Parkour Motor 2

First seen at IAAPA Expo Europe ’23, Ace Amusement’s Parkour Motor 2 is a motorcycle racing game aimed at a younger crowd, although it’s a full-size machine. With a few other bike racers around, this expands the options and I imagine this will be the most competitively priced of the bunch. Here’s a nice cabinet shot as found over at UDC (the European distributor for this game). From this, it is setup in a twin configuration, the games sharing the central coin door and marquee:

Parkour Motor 2 Twin configuration

Here’s a brief video I was sent (which I’ve tried to enhance with an AI Denoise tool I have) of the game being played; I’ll have more footage to share in glorious 4K once I get a chance to play it.

Go! Hero Of Robots

Hero Of Robots is an Augmented Reality game for kids from Wahlap and IGS, that lets them pretend that they are a giant robot. I’d have lost my mind if a game like this existed for Voltron when I was a kid. Anyways, the game lets them see themselves suiting up for battle, then by using a motion sensor, lets the player fight in a scenes against other bots and huge monsters.

This video shows the newer version that ASI will be promoting, although there are some changes to the cabinet. It also serves as a photo booth, allowing the user to get a picture of themselves in armor.

Here’s a flyer ASI sent me to show their version:

Go! Hero of Robots flyer showing a child playing the game

Nitto Racer

This game is one I’ve seen pop-up for a while in overseas coverage but it has missed US soil until now. It is a 1-4 player overhead racing game that appears to be a clone of Hot Wheels: King of the Road by Adrenaline, but we’ll have to play it to see what differences there are:

Nitto Racer from an ad

Sky Riders DX

At Amusement Expo 2023, ASI brought along the original Ace Amusement creation, Sky Riders. This game plays like Namco’s old Prop Cycle, but has modern graphics and hardware, wrapped up in a steampunk world. At this show, they’ll bring along the DX model, which sports a 55″ screen instead of a 43″. Here’s the AE23 footage of myself giving it a spin:

Junkyard Rumble

Here’s a new videmption game that takes aim at TouchMagix’s Mega Blaster – instead of blowing up a segment of a building for tickets, you’re blowing up a stack of junked cars. This one also allows for two players on the same cabinet, while also proffering the TNT lever. I’m just not sure if the feedback on that lever is as robust as what you see in Mega Blaster…

Redemption Product

Cory mentioned that a total of twelve games would be found at their booth, with some repeats from the Wahlap booth. Many of the others to fill that number are redemption titles, such as Ticket Champ and Super Air Blaster. I would certainly expect more than just those two but you’ll have to drop by to see what they are.

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