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Parent company of Intencity posts strong earnings

Shaggy August 16, 2010 2

Newsfeed 902 via For those unfamiliar with Intencity, it’s the amusement wing of Village Roadshow, an entertainment company based in Australia that deals with theme parks, cinema centers, music, DVDs and more. From the

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Powersurge – an "arcade" in LA without any actual arcades

Shaggy June 10, 2010 6

(Thanks to Andy for the tip!) I have to apologize for missing this one, it was sent to me back on May 13th but I completely had overlooked it until now. In Los Angeles

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State budget woes takes aim at coin-op devices in Oklahoma

Shaggy June 8, 2010 2

Stinger Newsfeed 822 While I have been out of the news loop I am normally accustomed to for the past couple of weeks, one thing I have still heard of is the continued troubles

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Dave and Busters Ownership Changes hands in $570 million deal; new D&B opens in Roseville, CA

Shaggy May 3, 2010 2

Via One of the more recognized business chains to feature coin-op games is changing hands, as the Oak Hill Capital Partners has announced that they will buy the company for $570 millionUSD. From the

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Gameworks restructuring plan means seven locations will close, some may reopen in the future

Shaggy March 30, 2010 5

Via It’s never a good day when we have to report about arcade locations closing – we always prefer times like last week where we reported on several new places opening around the US.

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Karaoke store upgrades with an arcade

Shaggy March 24, 2010 0

Seems like there is a little uptick in new location news coming around lately and while I’m not entirely sure why that is, either way it’s always a good thing. It’s certainly better than

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An arcade that sells it's own brand of…soda pop?

Shaggy March 23, 2010 4

When it comes to running any business, you always want to find a way to set yourself apart from the others who run a similar business. It makes sense to do so, attracting people

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Who is up for some Japanese arcade market numbers?

Shaggy March 20, 2010 0

Via Statistics are fun – they are the perfect way to prove or disprove someone in an argument and stand as the perfect way to fill in small talk. Of course when it comes

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Article: How video arcades are adapting to modern times

Shaggy March 6, 2010 0

For some years now, one argument has dominated the existence of coin-op arcade games in asking whether they are relevant in today’s world. Some sources say no; that arcades are dead and so unless

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NYC eases up on arcades (a little)

Shaggy January 2, 2010 0

One major hurdle for people looking to get into the arcade business are the local laws which often restrict the use of coin-operated video games in certain venues. Because of that, it is always

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Biz news: amusement operations up at Dave & Busters; Namco expanding in China

Shaggy December 17, 2009 1

We’ve got a couple of arcade business related items to briefly discuss today, first off in the US, arcade/restaurant chain Dave And Busters has released it’s 3rd quarter earnings report and unfortunately for them,

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Namco Funscape opens in Gateshead UK

Shaggy November 7, 2009 0

(Thanks to reader kieranmay for the tip) Namco is well know for operating hundreds of arcade across the globe and now they have added one more place to their list – the Namco Funscape

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