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Someone had a bad uWink experience (eegads!)

Shaggy November 15, 2008 0

One of those things you have to deal with as a business operator is that many individuals may come and go to your place of business and have a pleasant experience but if one

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Worried about the economy? Advertise

Shaggy November 14, 2008 0

The AAMA has created a very interesting document that is of value to arcade operators and soon-to-be operators alike – something that deals with making money during a recession. Can such a thing be

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New arcade in the works in Temecula,CA

Shaggy July 17, 2008 1

No image to go along with this one but it appears that one entrepreneur is attempting to open up an arcade/party center in Temecula, CA. It sounds like an FEC will be in the

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Surprise, people still play arcade games (my arcade update)

Shaggy June 12, 2008 4

Well day one for my arcade (Tuesday) was slow. Slow enough that no one came! That was expected really as I don’t have much in the front to indicate what it is other than

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My arcade update 6/6

Shaggy June 7, 2008 8

Here is another update on my arcade, The Game Grid Arcade, sorry about the delays as I have been so busy trying to get everything put together that I easily forget to do a

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Another update on my arcade (5/28)

Shaggy May 29, 2008 2

The city inspector came by today and unfortunately we didn’t pass – we have to fix a couple of minor things and get it rescheduled. I hope that it won’t take long to get

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My arcade update 5/21 (w/video)

Shaggy May 21, 2008 9

Sorry about the delay in updates, I have been very busy trying to get everything sorted out. Thankfully some family members have decided to take out some signature loans to help me out with

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Sega Sammy Japan suffers loss in profit, arcade division included

Shaggy May 13, 2008 0

It’s sad to say that all is not well in Sega land right now, with the company suffering a net loss of $505 million where last year they had been making a decent profit.

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Arcade update 5/11 (w/video)

Shaggy May 11, 2008 7

Here’s another update of my progress on my arcade store that I am in the process of creating, The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, UT, at the Valley Fair Mall. We’ve been

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Arcade update 5/5 (w/video)

Shaggy May 6, 2008 7

Today was full of hard work for getting the arcade started. In addition to painting ceiling tiles and earning some blisters along with it, I also had to register my business through another state

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Starting your own arcade (Part 2)

Shaggy May 2, 2008 0

(Click here for Part 1) I haven’t had a lot of time to get to the second part of the Starting your own arcade discussion but I sat down this morning and put my

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Trials, Tribulations and Locations

Shaggy April 18, 2008 0

So over a month ago I made a post saying that I would be getting my own arcade started that next week and that along with it I would be making regular updates but

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