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An evening at EVO 2008 Championship Series

Shaggy August 11, 2008 0

The EVO 2008 Championship Series has come and gone, being held in Las Vegas from the 8th-10th and one of our readers, Chris Ainsworth has kindly sent us a link to his page where

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Dark Presence schwag

Shaggy August 9, 2008 0

Remember that new fighter called Dark Presence which will feature digitized actors in HD and it will be coming out this year? We certainly do and we have the schwag to prove it. Galloping

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Samurai Spirits Sen and KOF98 Ultimate Match now available

Shaggy August 4, 2008 0

Fighter fans can now rejoice – two new fighters are now available for purchase, through at least two importing companies that I know of (and probably more), Legend Trading Company (update: I just noticed

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SFIV & "The Battle of Destiny: Road to Evolution" Tournament in the UK

Shaggy July 27, 2008 1

A big tournament, known as The Battle Of Destiny: Road to Evolution (the title almost sounds like something from an old rock album) recently took place in the UK, and The Stinger Report was

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Neo-Arcadia's booth @ Japan Expo 2008

Shaggy July 12, 2008 0

Japan Expo 2008 was recently held in France and arcade-related website Neo-Arcadia was there with a booth and plenty of screenshots to boot. The arcade presence at the expo brought many games into one

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A look at BlazBlue from AnimeExpo

Shaggy July 8, 2008 0

One of our forum members, PhilVer 0 had the opportunity to go to AnimeExpo in LA last weekend and check out the location test of the new arcade fighter BlazBlue by Arc System Works.

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New arcade coming to Austin, TX – "Arcade UFO"

Shaggy June 30, 2008 3

It seems that I’m not the only ‘crazy’ person who is opening up an arcade out there – a new arcade is in the works in Austin Texas that is also looking to provide

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Fighter mania continues with BlazBlue

Shaggy June 24, 2008 3

The notion that no one wants to play fighters in the arcade anymore is silly. Apparently Capcom and Namco thinks so when it comes to the US but I have noticed a very interesting

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New arcade in France focuses on fighters

Shaggy June 19, 2008 3

Despite what you might hear in the media at times, there are still many people out there who enjoy arcade fighters. I have seen that myself over the past week of running my arcade,

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Fighter poll results: King of Fighters XII or Street Fighter IV?

Shaggy February 23, 2008 0

A few days ago I posted a poll via Survey Monkey asking a few questions about your thoughts on all of the new fighters coming out of Japan and I have to admit that

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Poll: Which new arcade Fighter are you most excited for?

Shaggy February 19, 2008 0

I’ve mentioned before that 2008 would shape up to be an interesting year for arcades and so far it certain has become such. With recent game news coming out of AOU we see a

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Would you wait 90 minutes in line to play SFIV? (AOU 2008)

Shaggy February 16, 2008 0

Just a friendly reminder from us and The Stinger Report that if scenes like the one above means that the arcade scene is totally dead (even in Japan – my guess is Namco probably

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