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From Mongolia to Cambodia

Shaggy August 5, 2009 0

It has been a while since we had a glimpse at some arcades in areas where we might not hear too much about in the news – the most recent one I recall was

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The 5 best arcades still in business (in the Chicago area)

Shaggy July 29, 2009 2

Whoever the contributors are to Examiner.com, they seem to be taking an interest in rating arcades in their local areas lately and here is the latest “Top Whatever” list of the best arcades in

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New FEC opens in Jordan – Jingo's Jungle

Shaggy July 15, 2009 0

We don’t get a lot of arcade news coming out of the Middle East – most of what we do get comes from Dubai. But now a new developer is opening an FEC in

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Gameworks Minneapolis wants to move

Shaggy April 23, 2009 2

We all know how important a good location is – I do especially as I have learned over time how my location stinks. And speaking of locations, there is a story out there about

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Passing through Vegas and need an arcade to go to?

Shaggy February 3, 2008 0

When most people think of gaming in Vegas, only gambling comes to mind but even in large casinos the chances of finding an arcade game room there are pretty good. In fact there are

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Capcom strengthing focus on it's arcade locations – games next?

Shaggy November 14, 2007 0

[Via NEXT Generation] A couple of large game companies own and operate their own arcades, in Japan and elsewhere. Some prime examples are Namco and Sega and while it has far fewer locations, even

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