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Welcome to the Monday Morning Open Thread

Welcome to the Monday Morning Open Thread

arcadehero May 16, 2011 5

We haven’t really done an ‘Open Thread’ before, where you talk about pretty much anything in the comments (still prefer arcade/pinball discussion) but today I feel like starting one, along with some various pieces

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Street Fighter X Tekken could get a coin-op version after all

Shaggy August 19, 2010 1

Newsfeed 904 via This seems to be a new trend for Capcom these days, announcing a fighter with coin-op roots but only talking about a console version of that game until later when they

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Arcade Heroes Podcast #14 : Arcade shows, game news and more with Kevin Williams

Shaggy May 15, 2010 0

We haven’t forgot about the podcast although I admit to slacking on it lately. It didn’t help that we had to start over on this one due to the program I was using to

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The Arcade Heroes podcast #13 – not too professional but it works

Shaggy March 16, 2010 0

Here continues the tradition of not really holding to a tradition with the Arcade Heroes podcast with Episode 13. Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report joins me once again as we discuss Amusement Expo

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Arcade Heroes Week-in-review Podcast Episode 5

Shaggy July 13, 2009 3

This week on our podcast, Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report joins me again as we discuss not just the news of the week but some other aspects of the arcade industry as well,

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Arcade Heroes Week-in-review podcast #4

Shaggy July 6, 2009 0

Another week another podcast, I did this one solo and in addition to discussing the news we saw this week on AH, I also discuss the Midway purchase by Warner and the release of

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Arcade Heroes Week-in-Review Podcast Ep. 2 – Terminator Salvation, console ports, new Sega hardware rumor, Robo-Basho loc test and more

Shaggy June 22, 2009 0

Another week has passed and here is another podcast reviewing what went on throughout the week but discussing the topics in more detail where possible. On top of several topics which you have arleady

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A couple of new flyers: DDRX, DJ Max Technika and Putt Championship Edition

Shaggy April 30, 2009 1

I dropped by my local distributor yesterday and as I was browsing their collection of flyers, I noticed that they had some new ones in stock. I grabbed a few and decided to scan

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And then, there was magazine coverage

Shaggy August 15, 2008 1

It’s been a while since arcades got a lot of attention that they deserved in mainstream gaming magazines. I have tried to combat that a little through articles I have written for HardCore Gamer

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Pinball on TV

Shaggy June 24, 2008 3

Stern has been on a roll lately. Indiana Jones seems to be doing well (it has been earning quite well at my place, I even had one person play it for 3 hours straight

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ASI 2008 News Recap

Shaggy April 2, 2008 1

Just to help you in case you missed/overlooked anything, here is a recap of some of the news to come out of ASI this past week, either at the show or because of the

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Disney Quest NOT Closing!

SaraAB87 March 6, 2008 6

According to poster PrOk on the KLOV Forums, Disney Quest is not closing! Its not becoming ESPN Zone either. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now as this is very good news!

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