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Mini Rider 2 Video

Twisted Supreme November 30, 2007 0

Thought I’d do my usual check through all the arcade manufactures websites. New to Sega Amusements Europe’s we have a Mini Rider 2 promo video. As most of you would have read already from

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Sega's Disney Dancing Card Game

Twisted Supreme November 29, 2007 0

What do you get if you cross one of Sega’s kids games, Disney and a dance mat. Well one of the above of course. I don’t know how well the kids games did over here and in

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The Stinger Report #599 – IAAPA 07 coverage part I

Shaggy November 29, 2007 0

The Stinger Report has released the first part of their IAAPA coverage and it is loaded with information pertaining to arcades and what the future holds for our industry. Certainly this is shaping up

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Wii House of the Dead Box Art

Twisted Supreme November 25, 2007 0

[via GoNintendo] I don’t know what it is about box art, but it always gets me more excited about a game. Especially when it has zombies on it! [Discuss on the Forum

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Derby Owners Club 2008 testing in Japan

Shaggy November 22, 2007 0

The Derby Owner’s Club 2008 website has been updated to show that the game is currently testing in Japan at three different locations. While there is no information on an international release of this

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Virtua Fighter 5 Ver. D Details

Shaggy November 22, 2007 0

[Via Arcade Renaissance] Sega has unveiled some details on the latest version of the VF5 arcade that is going to be coming out to challenge Tekken 6 in arcades. If you were hoping for

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Primeval Hunt & IAAPA 2007 Videos

Twisted Supreme November 22, 2007 4

We received an email today from Sega Europe’s marketing & promotions manager Justin Burke which was a nice surprise. Last week he was in IAAPA and got some video of Primeval Hunt as well

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Sega Derby Owners Club 2008 site

Shaggy November 7, 2007 2

(Click to enlarge) Here’s a heads up for a new website dedicated to Sega’s Derby Owners 2008, the latest in a line of games dealing with horses and derbys. As I have seen other

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Virtua Fighter Pachislot

Twisted Supreme October 26, 2007 0

This reminds me of the HOTD slot machine I saw at the ATEi this year. I don’t think I took a picture of it, but it was there, I swear. [via Kotaku] The granddaddy

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Sega R360

Twisted Supreme October 23, 2007 0

  After the post a few days ago about Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield, one of readers sent us this picture of Sega’s R-360 taken back in the nineties at Skylon Tower

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Shaggy's Weekly Review: Let's Go Jungle by Sega

Shaggy October 18, 2007 0

In trying to keep up with reviewing newer titles, this week I’m reviewing Let’s Go Jungle (Deluxe edition)by Sega. If you enjoyed Jurassic Park by Sega you’ll probably enjoy this too, and it has

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The Stinger Report looks at upcoming Sega titles

Shaggy October 10, 2007 0

[The Stinger Report] The latest Stinger Report takes a look at some Sega titles shown off at private shows in September, including Primeval Hunt that we posted about not long ago. The Stinger reveals

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