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Sega's ATEI 2008 Mega Picture Gallery

Shaggy February 14, 2008 0

It’s Super Happy Fun Time at the Sega Amusements Europe site as they have posted their picture gallery of ATEI 2008 for all to see. There are 64 photos total covering from the overall

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Missing in Action: Space Games

Shaggy February 6, 2008 15

Over the next little while I am going to run a feature every now and then where I discuss genres which have been “lost” to arcades. Where these genres were once a proud part

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Naomi Bios Emulated, Sega Arcade Games Coming To A PC Near You

Twisted Supreme January 25, 2008 1

I’m not a massive emulator fan. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great, I just can’t be bothered downloading these things and getting them working. I’m too busy writing for this site ūüôā

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Sega ATEi 2008 Impressions

Twisted Supreme January 24, 2008 0

(More¬†pictures are after the break) Let’s start with the big guns, first up is Sega. The¬†first thing that struck me was the variety of games on offer especially after the recent news that Sega

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Sega ATEi 2008 Videos: Race TV, Primeval Hunt, UFO Stomper & More

Twisted Supreme January 23, 2008 2

Race TV Primeval Hunt UFO Stomper [Discuss on the Forum

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Sega Opening a ton of Amusement Parks in the Middle East

SaraAB87 January 17, 2008 0

Via GamesIndustryBiz Sega will be opening amusement parks and arcades similar to Joypolis in Japan in the Middle East. The first location set to open will be in the Dubai Mall in Downtown Burj,

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Sega prepping for a huge presence at ATEI

Shaggy January 3, 2008 2

ATEI is fast approaching and with we’re beginning to see announcements of what to expect at the show. If Sega’s press release is any indication, this show is going to be huge and fortunately

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Alternate Flyer for Primeval Hunt

Shaggy December 28, 2007 0

Sega Amusements Europe’s media page appears to have been updated a few weeks ago but I guess I didn’t pay attention to the addition of Primeval Hunt on the list. I checked the brochure

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Sega's New Primeval Hunt, RaceTV and Virtua Fighter 5 Flyers

Shaggy December 28, 2007 0

This is certainly new, I found a few flyers for Sega’s upcoming arcade titles including Primeval Hunt, RaceTV and the arcade version of Virtua Fighter 5 on a distributor website. In regards to Primeval

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GameWorks Announces Half Price Holidays

Shaggy December 19, 2007 1

If you live anywhere near a GameWorks entertainment facility then this is good news for you. Gameworks has issued a press release detailing their half-off special for the holidays, where players can go and

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Mini Rider 2 Video

Twisted Supreme November 30, 2007 0

Thought I’d do my usual check through all the arcade manufactures websites. New to Sega Amusements Europe’s we have a Mini Rider 2 promo video. As most of you would have read already from

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Sega's Disney Dancing Card Game

Twisted Supreme November 29, 2007 0

What do you get if you cross one of Sega’s kids games, Disney and a dance mat. Well¬†one of¬†the above of¬†course. I don’t know how well the kids games did over here and in

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