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Blazblue gets an update with Continuum Shift (updated)

Shaggy September 26, 2009 0

There is another HD fighter out there that is turning heads in arcades and it’s not SFIV but the Guilty Gear-like BlazBlue. Personally I have not played BlazBlue yet although I have had a

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GlobalVR's NASCAR arcade gets an update

Shaggy September 7, 2008 1

GlobalVR has announced a new update for their NASCAR racing game, which adds two new tracks to the game, updates team rosters and also introduces the new Car of Tomorrow to the game. They

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PGA Tour Golf All-Access Pass unlocks more courses for offline machines

Shaggy July 23, 2008 0

GlobalVR has announced an update for their EA Sports PGA Tour Golf arcade title called the All Access Pass. The Pass is for offline versions of the game which previously only had 11 courses

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Sega Race TV already getting an update

Shaggy March 7, 2008 0

Rumor has it that Sega’s brand new racer, RaceTV has failed to impress operators in the way that Sega had hoped. And in an apparent confirmation of that rumor, Sega is preparing to roll

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