Mario Kart Arcade GP DX USA/Europe Version Gets It’s First Major Update

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Mario Kart Arcade GP DX USA/Europe Version Gets It’s First Major Update

When it was first announced, a unique aspect of Bandai Namco’s Mario Kart Arcade GP DX compared to previous entries in the series was the promise of ‘annual updates offered over the online network.’ In Japan they have already enjoyed 2 updates but where the International version came along later, the updates were also delayed. Namco has been quiet about those updates in the meantime while locations with the game have had to pay a monthly fee to help cover the costs of these future updates.


Apparently the update has now rolled out, as tipped to me by Blake Hess:

I work at an FEC (Main Event in Alpharetta GA) and our MK AC GP DX just got updated to version 1.04 EX yesterday. The update added most of the things Japan got last year: Metal Mario, Rosalina, mirror modes of all tracks, a new title screen, what seems like new vehicles and power ups, and improved drifting mechanics.

The drifting can now give you a boost at the end much like the console MK games. There are 3 levels of boost depending on how long your drift lasts. IMO this addition makes the game feel way more like a “real” Mario Kart game.

The most recent update that Japan received included an online cross-site vs. location mode which I imagine might make it in the next annual update. That would likely increase a lot of renewed interest in the game as well, if they decide to implement it here.

Bandai Namco originally promised 5 years of major updates to keep the game fresh – new items, characters, tracks and modes. What do you want to see them add to the game?

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