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Amusement Expo 2010: Pac-Man Battle Royale Hands-on

Shaggy March 12, 2010 19

To begin our coverage of the 1st Amusement Expo which took place in Las Vegas, NV, I’ll start out with the Namco booth and work my way from there. Namco had a sizable booth

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Namco tests Dead Heat Street Racing

Shaggy March 9, 2010 2

We received a tip today that Namco is “secretly” (well, not so much anymore) testing out a new racing title called Dead Heat Street Racing. There were no details given on how the game

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International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum announced in Ottumwa, IA; Walter Day announces retirement

Shaggy March 6, 2010 0

Via If you are into competitive gaming then you have likely heard about Twin Galaxies, an organization that deals with officially recording high scores or substantial achievements in video games across the spectrum. Led

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Short animated flick about video games

Shaggy February 11, 2010 1

This isn’t entirely arcade related – it’s more about video games in general and how they affected this particular person’s life. His point about video games being a potential place to waste one’s time

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IAAPA Pics by Kevin Williams

Shaggy November 27, 2009 3

Now for our second-to-last post about IAAPA 2009 – the last one will be the attempt at a podcast that we did at the show although we were unable to finish it up for

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Interesting new shmup now location testing in Japan – Exception

Shaggy July 9, 2009 4

A new and interesting shmup is now on location test in Japan and seeing efforts like this makes me long for seeing some good shmups in arcades outside of Japan again. Called Exception, this

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Raw Thrills releases H2Overdrive to arcades

Shaggy July 2, 2009 0

Hydro Thunder fans, the day you have been waiting for has finally arrived as Raw Thrills’/Specular Interactive’s new take on Hydro Thunder, H2Overdrive is arriving at distributors around the country and then they are

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A long detailed look at H2Overdrive on

Shaggy June 13, 2009 2

While it has not been released yet (although I believe that it will be in the next week or so), H2Overdrive is already creating fans and one of them had the lucky chance to

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Betson: 2000 Guitar Hero units have been sold in three months

Shaggy June 10, 2009 2

We don’t often get sales numbers for arcade titles but Betson has sent me a press release where they are highlighting the success of one of Raw Thrills’ most recent games, Guitar Hero. With

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Coming next week: the Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show

Shaggy June 6, 2009 0

Another show with coin-op arcade and pinball gaming delights is fast approaching, this time in Seattle Washington. Now just like their previous shows, attendees can expect to find a giant collection of excellent games,

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Details on the new 2D fighter Demon Bride

Shaggy June 6, 2009 0

Another new and interesting fighter is soon going to come out in Japan known as Demon Bride and thanks to Aaron Auzins, here is an in-depth look at the upcoming game and the hardware

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DJ Max Technika now shipping in the US

Shaggy June 6, 2009 3

One new addition to the realm of arcade manufacturers would be Pentavision and their first release to the US is here with DJ Max Technika. We had heard that it was supposed to come

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