IGS’s Monster Eye 2 Gets A Promo Trailer

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IGS’s Monster Eye 2 Gets A Promo Trailer

Back in 2014, Taiwanese developer IGS released their “answer” to popular co-op shooting games like Let’s Go Jungle or Deadstorm Pirates. Going by the name Monster Eye, it was an original work that followed a similar formula to those titles. Players faced giant monsters such as crabs, scorpions, rats and more in a fast-paced shooter setting. The game was sold in the US under the name Monster Eye 5D, as the cabinet featured a motion base as well as a Kinect sensor. The game did manage to find a place at a few arcades across the country, although it never topped the charts by what I saw.

Monster Eye 2

Recently, we ran a story about Monster Eye 2, although we knew little about it apart from the game cabinet. It didn’t help that the game flyer looked nice, but was lacking in useful information.

Now that can change as we have a trailer to watch, although it does confuse me a little bit. That’s because if you watch this and compare it with the trailer for the first game, they reuse several scenes from the first trailer. This could be because they are exciting or maybe this is an upgrade like the Special Edition of Deadstorm Pirates was. The story appears to be the same, starting with “An unexpected tour,” but there is nothing about lab experiments in ME2’s trailer.

Perhaps we’ll be able to figure it out once IAAPA rolls around a month from now, as manufacturer Wahlap appears to have a decent sized booth space at the show (booth #839). They haven’t updated their English website in a few years so we have no idea what will be showing up. Given Monster Eye was probably their best-seller in this country, I’d be surprised if ME2 isn’t there.

Near the end of the trailer, it does show the cabinet features, which are worth a mention. The “motion capture” means that the Kinect snesor is still in place for special action scenes (like swimming). I don’t recall the first game having air blowers and it certainly didn’t have the atmospheric lighting (both of these features bring House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn and The Walking Dead to mind).

The Trailers

Ok, let’s get to the trailer, followed by the first trailer to compare:

What do you think? Would you like to see ME2 get a release stateside?

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