Sega’s House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn Arriving At Dave & Busters Locations Now

arcadehero October 10, 2018 1

Back in July, we reported that the major FEC chain Dave & Busters had purchased Sega’s House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn for all of their locations. While Sega stressed that this was not an exclusive release, D&B was the first to buy, thus they are the first to be served. Exact dates are never provided for arcade releases, but the news did mention that Sega was aiming to have the first-run units delivered before Halloweeen. The game will officially be introduced to the industry at IAAPA 2018 next month.

UPDATE: Related to the development of Scarlet Dawn, it has been revealed that a company called Agni Flare is responsible for creating the look of the game, while the PC-based platform Sega is using to power the game is codenamed “ALLS” (i.e. the Sega ALLS platform).  Here’s a slideshow of different Scarlet Dawn images, including concept art, characters and direct screens that I hadn’t seen before. UPDATE #2: Apparently the images I had received are the property of a site called “CG World” and Sega asked me to remove them. Apologies about that. I found the CG World site where those images are at, just click here to see what that was all about. In their place, I’ve put in screenshots that are currently found on the official House of the Dead site.

ORIGINAL STORY: Today, we have a few reports of readers seeing the game at different locations around the country. I first saw it with a video posted to the Irving, CA D&B, and since then the reports of locations have continued to come in. One of those comes from Alex N. at the "Palisades on West Nyack, NY." Our thanks to Alex for providing these pictures below.

House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn in New York

Inside of the cabinet. I hadn't seen the "Please sit in this position" skeleton stickers before, nice little touch. From what I've seen of the Japanese version, the control panel has more red in it, while the US version looks more blue (including the triggers on the guns).

Alex mentions that you pick your weapons at the beginning, and can also select if you want to go through the whole story, or through specific chapters.

I'll be covering this one at IAAPA from the appearance there. If you have had a chance to play it already, what did you think?

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  1. DevilonShinytra July 26, 2019 at 5:07 am - Reply

    This game is also available in the UK including Gilly’s Amusements in Scarborough, i rlly wanna play this game

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