Adrenaline Amusements Announces 65″ Version Of Tomb Raider Arcade

arcadehero October 5, 2018 0
Adrenaline Amusements Announces 65″ Version Of Tomb Raider Arcade

One nice surprise the arcade market received earlier this year was the arrival of Tomb Raider to our sector, thanks to Adrenaline Amusements. Being both a 4-player title as well as a pistol game allowed this one to stand out from it’s popular license. FEC chain Dave & Busters got their hands on the game first, to which it happened to use an FEC-specific cabinet design that measured 120″ across.

While such games are great for locations with a big budget and plenty of space, you can’t forget the “street” – smaller locations and those run by operators where space and budgets are not so unlimited. Adrenaline has announced a 65″ version of Tomb Raider, which is still a big game (by ’80/90s standards), but that makes it about half the size of the Deluxe release. This model maintains the 4-player nature of the game, along with the motion sensing, force feedback guns. I also really like the stone design on the sides with the dynamic “fire” lighting, I think it gives a better flare to the overall appearance of the cabinet Check out the trailer below; with this being posted, I imagine that distributors will shortly be offering this, or are taking orders now.


What do you think? Here’s hoping that other Super Deluxe games (Halo, Scarlet Dawn) will also offer standard models soon…

UPDATE: Thanks to Jordan for providing this photo from the AAMA Gala, where this game was playable for the attendees. I haven’t heard much else about what was at this event, apart from what looks to be the final version of Mystery Island (Touch Magix), a single player version of Grand Piano Keys, Willy Crash and the new Air Ride 2 air hockey:

Tomb Raider 65" in action

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