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ASI 2009: Some thoughts before the videos

Shaggy March 14, 2009 0

Well I’m back from Vegas and I’m ready to show off videos of what I saw there! The only problem is that so far my internet connection has not been co-operating with me and

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Showdown Championships fighting tournament coming in April

Shaggy March 7, 2009 1

(Thanks to John Leigh of Anime Matsuri for sending this in) Another big fighter tournament is headed our way, this time it’s next month in April at Anime Matsuri in Houston Texas. Known as

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A few more details on Taito's Elevator Action Death Parade

Shaggy March 7, 2009 1

A Japanese fan site that is dedicated to light-gun titles has posted a detailed preview of Taito’s upcoming game, Elevator Action: Death Parade and with it, a few more details on how the game

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Sega releases Harley Davidson and Hummer to the US

Shaggy February 4, 2009 0

The supposedly “dead” arcade industry has two more game releases to add to the list of what’s new in the US as several distributor websites are now listing the games HUMMER and Harley Davidson:

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Another location test report on DJ Max Technika + news on an iPhone version of the game

Shaggy December 9, 2008 0

Say what you will about DJ Max Technika, it certainly is generating a bit of excitement among players. This of course is why I think that there is great value in high-profile location tests

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DJ Max Technika Location Test report

Shaggy December 5, 2008 1

[Thanks to Phil Ver 0 on our forums] The new game DJ Max Technika has been testing in California and thanks to one of our readers, we have information on how that has been

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More details on Smart Industries' Battle Stations

Shaggy December 4, 2008 0

Among the many new games coming to the market that were shown at IAAPA was Battle Stations, a submarine action game that is coming to us from Smart Industries. Smart generally deals with redemption

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King Of Fighters XII Japan site updates from teaser to full detail (updated with a translation)

Shaggy December 1, 2008 5

Today must be a day for fighters as here is some news on another highly anticipated arcade fighter, KOFXII. While I hadn’t been keeping tabs on the teaser site, what is there now is

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Rumor: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom arcade release to be delayed by Nintendo?

Shaggy December 1, 2008 0

A little while ago we received a rumor from several sources stating that the new Capcom arcade fighter Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom would be running on Nintendo Wii based hardware. While this was seemingly confirmed

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IAAPA 2008: Final Round-up (now with some release dates)

Shaggy November 28, 2008 4

We’ve received a final batch of pictures from the IAAPA show in Florida (thanks again to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report)and it’s only fitting to ‘finalize’ our coverage of the event. Overall I

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Interview with Konami about GTI Club+

Shaggy November 28, 2008 0

Konami is updating the original GTI Club for the Playstation 3 (the full name is GTI Club+ Rally Cote D’Azur) and releasing it over PSN as an exclusive title for the platform. It will

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Footage from Initial D5

Shaggy November 26, 2008 0

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Sega’s Intitial D5 – we first had news on this one back towards the end of June and have been waiting to hear something more

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